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  • Posted to Unofficial Designer News Survey, in reply to James Young , May 13, 2019

    Hey thanks for filling it in. As far as a mobile app goes it's just something I've seen pop up at times in threads and I was curious to know if there was actually a desire for it. Responses so far have been similar to yours.

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  • Posted to How to grow from a junior UI/UX designer to a senior designer?, in reply to Rachel Li , May 05, 2019

    OK sent :)

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  • Posted to How to grow from a junior UI/UX designer to a senior designer?, in reply to Rachel Li , May 05, 2019

    No problem! If you like send me your email and we can chat sometime.

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  • Posted to How to grow from a junior UI/UX designer to a senior designer?, May 05, 2019

    Hi Rachel

    Everyones path is a little different when it comes to professional development as a designer. But it's all a question of growth and thinking about your end goals is the best starting point to map out the steps to achieving them.

    When I was a junior designer the thing that helped me grow me the most was feedback from my superiors. There are different kinds of feedback you can seek but as a junior designer you might start by focusing on more senior designers who can deliver feedback around your design choices and design output. Ranging from stylistic critique, your ability to interpret a brief, your design approach, your ability to solve a clients problem, and how well you can communicate your designs to other designers and more importantly non-designers.

    So when you put forward your designs at the agency, and they weren't used these are things you could think about and talk to with a senior designer.

    These is a specific example, but at a higher level your growth is really determined by you and your ability to:

    (1.) Create opportunities that will help you get to where you want to be, and

    (2.) How you make the most of those opportunities to ensure you grow

    Another thing you mentioned was that you felt like you didn't have enough big pieces to showcase as part of your folio. Well why don't find or create a brief for yourself and design something? I'm sure you've seen or experienced something about a product or service that you think could be better so why not try and improve it? Visually the designs don't have to be at the level of a senior designer, but showing your design thinking skills and process of solving a problem is what will distinguish you from other designers especially as a junior.

    Taking the initiative to create opportunities like this for yourself is the best way to take control of your growth. And it's what a lot of senior designers will be looking for when hiring a junior, as this reflects your thinking, process and ultimately how you arrived at a final solution. The visual elements of a design can always be tweaked but if the thinking and decision making are not explained or not well considered it doesn't matter what it looks like, as the end result is just fluff. This a common mistake I see from junior designers and I too was guilty of it!

    Another thing that I found really helpful was just reaching out to designers I admired and asking them out for a coffee. I promise you that most designers will happily free up an hour and talk to you as they were in the same position themselves. Being able to hear about their experiences first hand and getting their expertise will be a big difference maker and reminder that we all started somewhere. And its always a great way of expanding your network and uncovering new possibilities.

    As a junior you don't have anything to lose by trying new things and reaching out to people. I'm not sure where your located but if you're in Hong Kong I'd be happy to get a coffee, or if your located elsewhere lets exchange emails or skype sometime to chat more!

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  • Posted to Keeping your Biz Card Updated, May 05, 2019

    Pablo what did you settle on? As someone who has to get in front of recruiters soon I need some input :)

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  • Posted to Finder for iPad Concept - Bringing the Finder and new advanced multitasking to the iPad, May 03, 2019

    Incredible - love the thinking and I'm hoping Apple have noticed as I would be keen to have allllll of this on my ipad. I haven't taken a run at Invision Studio but from your demos it looks more than capable of pulling together an experience which looks and feels like the real thing. Would you think about creating tutorials for these? Or for a novice like me, what resources helped you the most when building this in IVS?

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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Design thoughts or feedback?, May 02, 2019

    Seconding the positive aesthetic vibes! I get a good feel of your visual style through the body of work, especially the branding and illustrations. A quick thought, could you just show the nav on the mobile instead of having it in a burger + draw? I saw that there are only two sections - projects and about&contact. Just a thought as the burger menu might not be needed.

    What has your experience been like with Webflow so far? From the outside it seems super powerful but I've never used it myself.

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  • Posted to So this downvote bombing thing is interesting ..., Apr 21, 2019

    Yes it is strange. I'd sent the DN team an email about it earlier today but I didn't realise it had been happening for the past week!

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  • Posted to After 2 years, I’m finally releasing the first issue of Visions, a sci-fi magazine I’ve edited and designed, in reply to Mathieu Triay , Mar 14, 2019

    Always happy to give feedback (for whatever its worth!) to anyone who's put that much work into their passion project. You've got my email now and I'm pumped to get those updates in the inbox. Good luck!

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  • Posted to After 2 years, I’m finally releasing the first issue of Visions, a sci-fi magazine I’ve edited and designed, Mar 14, 2019

    Incredible type, illustrations and storytelling. The Marvin typeface page got me giddy - ended up reading it over a few times and searching through the VGC work. Truly awesome. A few things I noticed:

    • There was no site menu for me to navigate back to the magazine page after leaving it for the typeface page. And no persistent menu across any pages of the site - I would consider doing something just to keep the user aware of where they are. More on this below.

    • The typeface page content and story is well written and engaging, but the page itself is super long. Maybe think about having those anchor links persistent? Or breaking it up somehow? Even on desktop I got lost easily.

    • The anchor jumps are a bit stiff on both pages - maybe its because I feel like I lose my place each time due to the length of the pages. I know smooth-scroll is a bit overused but it might help give the user some context of where they are? But then again the length of the pages would probably make this tedious.

    • The scroll animations are cool but when climbing back up the page (more noticeable on the mag page) they halt progress and reverse themselves. Is it possible to set an end state for these so they aren't repeated after the user has interacted with them once? Didn't check out how they were built but css animation prop "animation-fill-mode: forwards;" could be a start?

    • Spacing on the mag landing page is a little awkward (on 15" lappy). Up top there is a big gap for me between the page title (top), intro text (far left) and stamp graphic (far right). It creates a black empty 'T' space which I think could be tightened up, and,

    • The hierarchy of this area could probably be addressed with the above, the "VISIONS" heading is awesome but I think the elements around it are a bit lost.

    Great work!

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