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  • Posted to Sketch restores artboard overlap feature (v 44.1), May 23, 2017

    Has anyone used this yet?

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  • Posted to Tragic Design — a book about design ethics, May 10, 2017

    Why did you choose the Atlantic Portuguese Man o' War for the cover of your book? According to Planet Deadly it is only the third most poisonous jelly thing.

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  • Posted to Publish Websites from Sketch, in reply to Ale Urrutia , May 03, 2017

    I've had a read through the documentation and there is no mention of support but quick look at the code on the demo sites reveals:

    • Everything in divs with varying positioning properties
    • in responsive examples it loads each breakpoint at once (as seperate divs) and displays/toggles each div based on device width
    • css is unique for each element
    • its used google fonts for some fonts and for custom fonts its used font-face
    • media via AWS
    • can't tell if forms support validation from the examples

    Not a comprehensive review and I've yet to try it msyelf but from what I can see these sites should work on most current os/browser combos.

    Another thing of interest is that Launchpad supports versioning in both preview and publish modes and allows you to rollback between versions. Another plus for prototyping.

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  • Posted to Publish Websites from Sketch, May 02, 2017

    From what I have seen in the video I don't know if I would be able use this to publish the websites I work on (due to complexity), but as a quick prototyping tool this might be an easy way to hand off rough user flows and lofi prototypes to my clients. I'm pumped to have a play with it! Thanks Anima

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  • Posted to Diseño Cha Cha Cha—Design podcast in Spanish, Apr 19, 2017

    Another great reason to learn the language! Pablo keep up the great work!

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  • Posted to Darryn Thomas Ansted - Painter, Apr 13, 2017

    I like this - aesthetically pleasing and the design does not distract from the artists work. My only gripe is that there are next to no cues on the painting detail view that indicate that it is part of a gallery. Once I figured this out it the site was fluid. Would suggest:

    • Adding indicators/arrows/dots or even a little instruction motion once the user enters the detail view

    • On desktop some indication that they keyboard can be used would be great too as the site is nice to use this way.

    • Once inside the painting detail view and at the end of the current gallery why not link to the next gallery? This way someone could flick through all of the works in one view.

    • A nice to have would be a pull up inside the painting detail view (or similar) to display the gallery abstract information? For someone who enters the gallery past this first slide of abstract information, this would be a good way of making this obvious and accessible.

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  • Posted to Sketch’s Brilliant New Way to Export Borders as SVG, Apr 11, 2017

    Great insight into the technical deets of SVG's. Sign me up for the optimiser you're working on!

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  • Posted to How to qualify (and disqualify) client projects – an interview with Bryce Bladon, in reply to Chris Hawkins , Mar 21, 2017

    Hi Chris first time listener chiming in here so apologies if you cover any of the below in a later ep. What advice would you have for someone who wants to transition from full time to freelance design/consulting? With all of your knowledge looking back on your career what are a few things you would have done differently? I've been curious about finding a mentor - did you ever pursue this in your formative years? Big thanks from Melbourne, Aus !

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  • Posted to AMA: Ollie Campbell, Co-founder & CEO @ Milanote, the notes app for creative work, in reply to Ollie Campbell , Mar 16, 2017

    Great article - I would be interested to see how I would cope with a silent 4 hours. I am up for any testing help I can offer :) Can't wait to see whats next.

    PS. Your DT story is badass!

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  • Posted to AMA: Ollie Campbell, Co-founder & CEO @ Milanote, the notes app for creative work, Mar 15, 2017

    Hi Ollie

    I'd like to hear about what a typical day or week for the Milanote monks is? Now that the product has launched what does the next 1,6 and 12 month marks look like? Will you ever open a beta testing program again for new features?

    In terms of an agency becoming a product company how does that even work? I imagine there would be a transitional period but at what point - if any? - do you drop your clientbase to focus entirely on in house products?

    Finally I need to know the events up to and including being escorted from DT dig!


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