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  • Posted to Perfect Clock for Working Remotely, Apr 02, 2020

    Why is it good for "working remotely" it's just a normal clock

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  • Posted to A love letter to Affinity Designer, in reply to Mario K , Mar 27, 2020

    Did anyone try out Affinity yet?

    I've used it a fair bit on lower space computers because Photoshop now needs 10+GB free to even open. So very grateful it works at all when PS doesn't

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  • Posted to New iPad Pro, in reply to Tiago Franco , Mar 24, 2020

    The real question is why is apple still cheaping out on laptop cameras. The $400 Surface Go camera makes MacBook Pros look janky as hell

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  • Posted to New iPad Pro, Mar 24, 2020

    When Apple launched the iPad then Microsoft launched the Surface, it seemed Microsoft was being ridiculious, why would a touch screen device need a keyboard and a pen and a file system and real software.

    and here we are 10 years later and every year Apple just makes the iPad step closer and closer to the vision of the Surface.

    Seems Microsoft was right all along.

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  • Posted to What's your Adobe Premiere workflow like?, in reply to Ryan Hicks , Mar 04, 2020

    "Should designers edit video?"

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  • Posted to Best 4k 27" monitor for a Macbook Pro?, in reply to Wassim ↬ , Feb 26, 2020

    LG Ultrafine has a whole pile of issues, if you get one of the wrong models it's badly shielded so will hose your wifi signals.

    Really not worth the money and pretty shocking Apple ever endorsed it.

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  • Posted to Best 4k 27" monitor for a Macbook Pro?, Feb 26, 2020

    Dell, honestly see no other thing worth considering. Just type in the specs you want and get whatever professional non-gamer screen they have for that.

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  • Posted to Yes & No Design Studio, in reply to Bole ★ , Feb 26, 2020

    Yeah I've used these before they only really work in Safari and iOS, its just alien to everyone else.

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  • Posted to Design Twitter™ Whenever a Rebrand Happens, Feb 21, 2020

    Why do they call it "Design Twitter" when it's comprised entirely of people who do talks for a living rather than design.

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  • Posted to If engineers talk to users, do we still need designers?, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Feb 13, 2020

    The real question is, what's Dribbble?

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