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  • Posted to The Sustainable Movement, Nov 12, 2019

    Why a book? Shouldn't the first step be not cutting down some trees just to sell a physical product which will then have to be shipped around the world burning jet fuel?

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  • Posted to What programming languages should you learn?, in reply to Marc Edwards , Nov 07, 2019

    Processing is brilliant and what I originally learned to code with, but I would say P5 its better maintained, you can actually send what you make to people easier and it can be integrated into web pages.

    I'd only use Processing these days if I wanted to interface with circuits or hardware.

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  • Posted to What programming languages should you learn?, Nov 07, 2019

    Honestly no point learning anything other than Javascript in 2019, unless you want to make videogames or apps.

    It's easy, versatile, fast and the syntax is pretty close to anything else you'd be likely to want to learn, unlike Python.

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  • Posted to WeTransfer wants you to conquer your fear of drawing, in reply to Jamie Diamond , Nov 05, 2019

    How about you just go to YouTube and get the same stuff for free, and then some

    Because if it's free you wont do it. Presumably they're going for the gym membership ideology where the person is putting the money down to try and force themselves to do it

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  • Posted to Facebook new brand identity, in reply to Jon Myers , Nov 05, 2019

    Feels like it would have been an opportune time to rebrand like when Google became Alphabet.

    But yeah I think you're spot on with the halo-effect.

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  • Posted to New logo unveiled for Microsoft Edge, in reply to Jon White , Nov 04, 2019

    Yet no one has ever done it before apart from NetPositive on BeOS.

    Pretty nice branding imho.

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  • Posted to Photoshop for iPad, in reply to Marc Edwards , Nov 04, 2019

    Excellent and detailed writeup as always.

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  • Posted to Steam Library is getting a much needed redesign, in reply to Joey Prijs , Nov 04, 2019

    So was the last UI.

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  • Posted to Steam Library is getting a much needed redesign, Nov 04, 2019

    Steam users will whinge but honestly it's 100 times better.

    But what was there before was awful.

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  • Posted to AirPods Pro, in reply to Chris Keith , Oct 29, 2019

    Ran at about 12 frames per second for me on a 2018 MBP in Chrome.

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