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  • Posted to Sketch, maker of popular design tool, just landed $20 million in funding, in reply to George Brown , Mar 14, 2019

    This just isn't true, not sure what you're doing wrong but my windows workstation is working wonderfully a few years down the line.

    As for professional work.... I literally can't do my professional work on a Mac anymore because I use 3 Nvidia GPUs for my 3D rendering which just isn't possible on Modern mac hardware.

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  • Posted to Productivity tool Notion nearly died in 2015 — but its unique design process helped save it. Here's the tactics they used., Mar 11, 2019

    This sales pitch of realtime, collaborative, everyone can comment on everything works great when you're a team of about 5 and all of the same page ideologically.

    Although in larger organizations even a single bad actor can turn it into an experience that borders on bullying at times. Worked in a place once with a high level member of the design team who just didn't understand how to delegate and wanted final say on absolutely everything (even if it technically wasn't his responsibility) and would in the early hours of the morning go into your Google Documents and completely change them without asking or telling you, just drop a little "Oh I made some notes on that doc" at some point during the day but really he was up till 3am rewriting the whole thing.

    No way in hell would I want to bring the possibility of that happening again into any other part of my work.

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  • Posted to Absurd Design, Mar 07, 2019

    Collins branding as a service

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  • Posted to Voice command technology and its impact on online retail stores, Mar 04, 2019

    remember when voice tech was the future?

    now its clear its just a huge piece of infrastructure and invasive data capture to set cooking timers, play songs and amuse toddlers

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  • Posted to I built a physical Sketch panel, would love to know what you think, Feb 19, 2019

    This is cool, you should look into programmable macro-pads though so you can skip the BetterTouchTool part

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  • Posted to Can I write “Creative Director” on a student résumé / CV?, in reply to Jared Krause , Feb 13, 2019

    People are not "gate keeping", we're trying to stop OP ending up in a job interview then when asked about their experience managing, hiring etc they have to begrudgingly admit they haven't actually done any of that and they actually wasted the interviewers time.

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  • Posted to Can I write “Creative Director” on a student résumé / CV?, Feb 12, 2019

    I mean, no one is going to stop you, but you're going to look really dumb in an interview if someone actually expects you to be on the level of a Creative Director.

    and if they actually hired you it would probably be a red flag for that workplace anyway.

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  • Posted to Does anyone here actually use UI kits?, Feb 08, 2019

    I kinda understood them in the Skeu days where you're basically paying for someones artistry who knows how to make nice looking buttons or whatever. I can understand that someone has the skill to drag and drop a UI together but doesn't know enough Photoshop tricks to make these sort of controls.

    But these days all you're buying is a bunch of colors and flat rectangles, I don't really understand what person would be able to make something with a UI kit like that successfully but not just make the elements themselves (excluding icons).

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  • Posted to Can't Unsee — Test your design eye by choosing the UI that looks more correct., Feb 07, 2019

    Found some of the contrast ones extremely questionable.

    Also you shouldn't have it side by side, because you have good Vergence control with your eyes you can position them together and cheat.

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  • Posted to Sketch 53, in reply to Jared Pike , Feb 07, 2019

    Now try and do it with text size or corner radius .

    This functionality used to be available with all controls and you didn't need to click them first you could just drag the label.

    But the functionality died because the UI designer decided to put the labels inside the controls and not all controls have space for their labels so don't get the functionality.

    I mean TBH if they were going to design it properly they'd ditch the silly little arrows completely and just have scrubbers like most good pro software does.

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