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  • Posted to Cinema 4D Lite Keyboard Shortcuts, Nov 15, 2018

    This info is actually available in the app too

    Window > Customization > Command Palette (or shift+F12)

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  • Posted to Google's new Web.Dev portal, in reply to Michael Mckeever , Nov 13, 2018

    Think this is more just web devs getting so deep into framework soup that they don't even look at what is actually coming out the other end.

    I know a lot of devs I work these days don't seem very phased that their web apps spew literally hundreds of errors to the console when you load them.

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  • Posted to anyone is actually doing full time remote work?, in reply to Kemie Guaida , Nov 09, 2018

    sometimes get left out of all the "casual" conversations that the colleagues have in the office

    Sorry but are people who all come together to work within talking distance of each other the ones at fault because that can actually talk to each other?

    Think remote people don't realize how frustrating and time consuming it is to work with them sometimes and it's ALL for their benefit, no one in the office gets any benefit out of them not being in the room.

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  • Posted to (Again) fascinating detective work on Apple’s new Maps vs Google’s, Nov 05, 2018

    All these years on, even with all these improvements (for Californians) it still seems like a futile effort on Apples part to even try to compete with Google in this area.

    The level of detail Google has about every business is just insanely deep, I use the info like Opening Times for tiny shops in my neighborhood constantly.

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  • Posted to Twitter to remove 'like' tool in a bid to improve the quality of debate, in reply to Ken Em , Nov 01, 2018

    DN isn't the right place for me to name and shame but let me just say it would probably take less time to name the ones who are not rather than the ones who are.

    The whole journo and bluecheck sphere of twitter is honestly most of the people turning it into an awful place to go.

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  • Posted to Twitter to remove 'like' tool in a bid to improve the quality of debate, in reply to Tony Gines , Oct 31, 2018

    Twitter should look at removing users that are fueling hate


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  • Posted to iPad Pro Design Tools, Oct 31, 2018

    Fine if all you really do is illustration but would be hard to do any work that requires interacting with engineers without having ability to run unsigned software and access to a filesystem.

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  • Posted to Twitter to remove 'like' tool in a bid to improve the quality of debate, Oct 30, 2018

    The real joke to me about talks to improve Twitter is it's not the great unwashed making Twitter a cesspit, it's mostly the bluechecks and Twitter power users it spends most of it's time trying to please that make it an utterly awful corner of the internet.

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  • Posted to Uber's Undoing Part III: Redemption, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , Oct 29, 2018

    "Uber? it's bad."

    I mean we already knew that you can't be an Uber user and claim to be an ethical person. This just deconstructs the design story that went along with the rollercoaster of despicable behavior.

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  • Posted to Google’s AR Design Guidelines suffice while Apple’s fall short, Oct 26, 2018

    Makes sense, Apple isn't working on AR for it to be used on phones and tablets so it's definitely an afterthought.

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