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  • Posted to There is at least 54 versions of Facebook’s mobile app navigation right now, Oct 14, 2017

    This is a sign of a design team in crisis.

    Mayer's engineering and metrics first 41 shades of blue color fiasco at Google comes to mind

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  • Posted to Should designers code - why are we expected to learn coding & why we shouldn't?, in reply to Aaron Wears a hat , Oct 11, 2017

    This twitter thread on this echoes my thoughts on the matter

    Should designers learn to code? = how can we make developers jobs easier without expecting reciprocation while they make twice our salary

    So many articles about how you should let developers work at home because it takes 15 minutes to break concentration yadda yadda

    Ultimately everyone should learn as much about their coworkers jobs as possible, but I don't see no "should developers learn to design?"

    If you want your employers happy work hard to dispel the myth that only the engineering department matters

    "Designers learning to code" is always, ALWAYS about taking the tedious parts of an engineers job and responsibilities away and never about designers earning more skills and increasing their market value.

    Just to reiterate, this is my opinion AS a designer who is highly skilled in code too. So well aware of the benefits just also aware about design vs engineering and how the two are treated.

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  • Posted to Why is my dribbble shot not popular?, Oct 11, 2017

    You go to other peoples shots and write something like "So slick, check out my shot "

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  • Posted to Dribbble is dying. Whats next? , in reply to Milosz W. , Oct 10, 2017

    "Important Twitter rockstar designers use us and people literally beg to get in, we've totally made it guys!!!!"

    3 years later "We have no growth and our community is on life support, what went wrong"

    Good riddance

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  • Posted to Should designers code - why are we expected to learn coding & why we shouldn't?, in reply to Aaron Wears a hat , Oct 10, 2017

    What's in it for designers?

    You become a better team player in an agency environment, and reduce friction between the designers and developers

    Why is this problem on the shoulders of designers?

    (I say this as a designer who can code)

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  • Posted to Re-designing the smartphone Dial-Pad, in reply to Tim Resudek , Oct 09, 2017

    what's to gain

    Being the one to redesign the dial-pad.

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  • Posted to Re-designing the smartphone Dial-Pad, Oct 09, 2017

    Shocked they seemingly completely ignored just trying standard phone keyboard input (which is what people use to enter phone numbers in WhatsApp etc) in favour of being the one to rethink the dial pad.

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  • Posted to Clara: Virtual Assistant, Oct 06, 2017

    Actually had someone make me use this to schedule a meeting with them.

    Let's just say it completely changed my opinion of that person.

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  • Posted to New Design tool from Dropbox?, Oct 05, 2017

    Please tell me it's not called "Design"

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  • Posted to Google Pixel 2, in reply to Emanuel Serbanoiu , Oct 05, 2017

    Think people who say such things have no idea how much it actually costs to bring a product to market let alone two.

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