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  • Posted to Real 3D mockups and elements in Sketch, in reply to Paul Hermann , Jan 24, 2020

    considering it's going to break after every Sketch release just like every other Sketch plugin does

    Honestly at this point that's the fault of Sketch for not having a robust beta channel program for plugin creators and for building their app/sdk in such a haphazard way.

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  • Posted to Chrome's New Notification UX Signals a Change for Product Designers, Jan 22, 2020

    Was obvious this whole notifications system was a disaster even hours after it went live.

    Shocked it's taken them years to fix it.

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  • Posted to Does Browser Testing On Internet Explorer Still Make Sense?, Jan 20, 2020

    yes, plenty of people still use it.

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  • Posted to Font licensing is ill, please help heal it, in reply to Michael Mckeever , Jan 13, 2020

    End of the day they need you more than you need them your app can exist just fine without their typeface, vote with your wallet.

    Thousands of high quality free/open alternatives these days, it's not the 90s anymore.

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  • Posted to Font licensing is ill, please help heal it, in reply to nabeel khalid , Jan 13, 2020

    The current method of licensing is based on the fact that type faces are a design asset much like stock images

    Actually they're specifically sold as "software" to take advantage of stricter piracy laws around that.

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, Jan 09, 2020


    this got shadow buried

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, in reply to Duke Cavinski , Jan 09, 2020

    How would you even know if they're CIS? All you see is their names...

    Bit of a leap....

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, Jan 07, 2020

    Should just move the community elsewhere, not sure why DN's neglected community should be the ones putting the effort into propping up this job board income when the sites owners do nothing.

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  • Posted to Adobe CTO says AI will ‘democratize’ creative tools, in reply to Marc Edwards , Jan 06, 2020

    This is probably the two least imaginative or useful ways to utilize AI I could imagine.

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  • Posted to Mac Pro pricing now available, Dec 11, 2019

    Even if you had an unlimited budget this thing is a terrible purchase, the price hikes per performance are ridiculous compared to what you can get in the rest of the workstation sector and limiting you to AMD graphics cards seriously limits the processing potential, almost all GPGPU apps and engines run off CUDA.

    It almost feels like this has been designed spitefully, they've made something so weirdly overpriced and niche that it's a guaranteed flop and they can finally justify killing the whole line. There are only so many editors working on Marvel movies in the world... and most would probably prefer something that can be upgraded every few months.

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