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  • Posted to Affinity photo vs Photoshop? (In 2019), in reply to Dan Wilkinson , May 17, 2019

    I started using it because for 2 years (until very recently) on the USB-C Macbook Pros the GPU acceleration was broken, glitched and Adobe had no interest in fixing it. also modern Illustrator's CPU rendering is way slower than it used to be, taking almost an entire second to zoom in on an almost blank canvas even on high end macs.

    So I was forced into Affinity, found it actually great and it did the job just fine and is way faster than Illustrator in many ways.

    Yeah things are a bit different but so is every tool, its only 2D designers who had the luxury and the curse that one single tool was all people ever used. Learning a new tool isn't a big deal for any professional and you shouldn't expect knowledge of 1 program to carry you from cradle to graves

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  • Posted to Adobe warns Creative Cloud users with older apps of legal problems, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , May 16, 2019

    Illustrator had led the pack for decades before being overtaken in only relatively recently in terms of features, size limits

    This just isn't true, plenty of vector apps from as far back as 20+ years ago didn't have these limits. There is actual no reason for any perceivable limit in these areas.

    You're just assuming I'm comparing it to Figma or whatever.... when really I'm comparing it to other professional level tools that deal with vector data.

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  • Posted to Adobe warns Creative Cloud users with older apps of legal problems, in reply to Aaron Wears Many Hats , May 15, 2019

    I simply do not share this feeling - the Adobe suite is an incredible toolset.

    Extremely hit and miss, e.g After Effects is insanely powerful and well made, yet Illustrator is a vector tool with (not very generous) maximum document sizes and and also (not very generous) maximum zoom limits and an atrocious layer palette that means most users never bother organizing their docs at all.

    Not sure what the Illustrator team is smoking that makes them think any of those things are acceptable in a vector environment.

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  • Posted to Adobe warns Creative Cloud users with older apps of legal problems, May 14, 2019

    The future we chose when we signed up for CC

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  • Posted to Red Hat to change logo after customers call the logo refresh as 'sinister and secretive' , May 13, 2019

    *tips fedora* m'distro

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  • Posted to What Mike Monteiro Taught me About Feedback, in reply to Adam Hayman , May 13, 2019

    since Mule doesn't post any on their site

    When you finally see it, you'll understand why.

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  • Posted to Introducing Framer Playground, in reply to Du Hoang , May 10, 2019

    Their whole thesis from the beginning is designer should code.

    It's not augmenting your workflow with coding concepts that I have a problem with, it's the belief that designers are expected to pick up the less respected and tedious slack of developer jobs and work using the toolset of developers.

    I bring up 3D software because in 3D software you can use code in many ways.

    • Low level : writing compiled plugins using C++ that extend the entire system, e.g particle engines, rendering engines.
    • Medium level : Using languages like Python to automate or script within the engine,
    • High level : Extremely powerful node based systems or Expression based systems allowing you to wire up multiple components together in a very interactive, interactive and artist driven way.

    Now.... it seems to me the majority of what these prototyping apps are aiming to do could be done with the high level methods, more accessible and more artist/designer driven and doesn't require designers to take on sweeping up developer crumbs.

    and I say all this as a designer who is extremely comfortable coding, I just don't believe other designers should be expected to learn React just to make some buttons change state or panels animate.

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  • Posted to What Mike Monteiro Taught me About Feedback, in reply to Steven Cavins , May 09, 2019

    If he practiced what he preached he'd delete his account and stop writing.

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  • Posted to Introducing Framer Playground, May 08, 2019

    If you need to know React to use your tool, then you didn't create a tool for designers.

    If you disagree, then look at 3D software.

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  • Posted to What's going on with DesignerNews?, May 03, 2019

    By trying to keep the discussion too “nice” you actually killed discussion, it became boring and anyone who would have actually given interesting content or discussion left.

    HN is extremely shadowban happy but their mods are excellent at telling who is a troll or spam and who are people just having a debate or disagreeing.

    You basically just had an mod team who don’t understand what makes an online community good. Spoiler alert, twitter and reddit are not popular and self sustaining because everyone joins hands and sings kumbaya, Reddit likes to pretend to their investors that people are there for AMAs and cat pics but it just isn’t true.

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