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  • Posted to Gumroad redesign to bring more creators on platform, Jun 03, 2020

    Just so you know, people who don't use dropbox have to dismiss 2 dialogs including a sign up form before even seeing your document and when they finally get to it most of the images are broken.

    Seems Dropbox doesn't really respect your professional work very much if this is how they display it.

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  • Posted to mp4 vs css animation vs gif - What is best for site optimisation?, Jun 02, 2020

    MP4 - close to no CPU usage assuming the machine can hardware accelerate it, can't do seamless looping really, needs some fiddling about to get it to behave on a webpage, can't do flat colors well at all, medium to low filesize. Enjoy your colors been every so slightly off in most cases.

    GIF - Fire and forget, just works, loops seamlessly, perfect flat colors but only 256 shades, filesize, performance and quality really really depends on the competence of the person creating the GIF. Looks the same in every browser for the last 20 years, colors are exactly what you see when encoding.

    CSS Animation - Can be very CPU heavy or moderately CPU heavy depending on talent of developer working on it, needs development skills to implement, perfect rendering of what you want but you're limited in what animation you can actually ship, the others can ship anything your video software can output. Needs to actually be tested in every browser you want to support.

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  • Posted to Humaaans, will it replace freelance designers?, in reply to Marc Edwards , May 29, 2020

    In fact, projects like this help designers, rather than hurting them.

    I agree but you wouldn't think so from the vitriol of the illustration community when this was launched.

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  • Posted to Humaaans, will it replace freelance designers?, May 27, 2020

    If your illustration style is that easy to replicate at the same standard then don't be surprised if people will just use the free solution.

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  • Posted to This is the Most iOS design kit ever made by humans, May 13, 2020

    Isn't this just reselling Apples IP?

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  • Posted to Blush—Illustrations for everyone., May 13, 2020

    The humans of flat death knell, finally.

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  • Posted to Sketch 65: Prototyping improvements and a new way to export assets directly from Cloud, Apr 29, 2020

    Mac updates

    Interesting way to phrase it....

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  • Posted to Yes & No, Apr 29, 2020

    Didn't we already discuss this about a month ago....

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What's your iPhone setup in 2020?, Apr 20, 2020

    I aim to touch and look at the thing as little as possible.

    There is nothing good there.

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  • Posted to Any Procreate users here? I'm looking for Windows alternatives, ideas for these? , Apr 17, 2020

    Not a painting app, more illustration, sketching and ideation but is absolutely excellent to use on Windows, especially Surface devices.

    Gravity Sketch is good for VR sketching too

    Adobe Fresco too

    and you know obviously full Photoshop exists unlike on iPad...

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