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  • Posted to how to introduce yourself as ux designer, in reply to Philip A , Dec 06, 2019

    I learned the same thing over the years. At the end of the day, we are all web designers....

    or maybe I am a User-Centric Rockstar Product Interface Experience Designer and Writer!

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  • Posted to Does anyone use InVision DSM?, in reply to Lucian .es , Nov 27, 2019

    It's funny they went from the leading prototyping tool to non-existent due to Figma, XD, and Sketch. The last I heard was their tool beta launch to nothing.

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  • Posted to Don’t hire dribbblish designers, in reply to Matt Rintoul , Nov 14, 2019

    I had one of these "Dribbblers" on my team... I was very sad when he left. I learned a lot from his styling. Sure he struggled with complex designs, but god he can knock out marketing pages/materials out of the park.

    ...If only there was a position or a career that only focused only on design.

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  • Posted to How do you manage & schedule your own user tests / interviews?, in reply to Rey Alejandro , Oct 21, 2019

    Thanks for the smart tip about putting the calendly link after the survey and asking if they prefer phone or in-person chat. I never thought of giving them an option. We usually do a survey to collect and vet information, then schedule out.

    I just saw that airtable post last week... I was curious to try, but I am like should I introduce yet another tool for my client and team to understand.

    This time the client provided a list of vetted users, which were a mix of people that were aware they were on the list of not. I had to email them to introduce myself, once they approved and then ask about their availability. Seem to take 3-4 emails to get someone booked. 30 users, makes that task hard to follow.... at least for me it is.

    Follow up questions... - Have you run into users' trouble figuring out how to use Calendly? My users can range from 20-70. - is Whimsical sticky like Trello and sketch put together? I just watch their demo. Currently, I am trying to kept track of using Google Sheets. From scheduling to notes.

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  • Posted to How do you manage & schedule your own user tests / interviews?, in reply to Carolann Merchant , Oct 21, 2019

    Thanks for the tip about Calendly! I noted Intercom as well for when we deal with more product-based sites. I thought I was yelling into a void with no one responding.

    Sadly about its perfect for a generic audience. However, my client wants to focus on their current/repeating user base to understand their frustrations. The tricky part is that our user base spans from every region of the United States and internet access not always available.

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  • Posted to How to choose a font for a project, Oct 21, 2019

    Is there any easy way to compare paid fonts outside of screenshots and tossing them in your design file or mood board?

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  • Posted to Designing accessible color systems, Oct 17, 2019 is by far my favorite checker. If allows you to adjust for boldness as well offer suggestions.

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  • Posted to User Persona Examples for SaaS Products, Oct 11, 2019

    I tend to avoid using people's names when building out personas for Saas products. I prefect user roles like Content Editor, Manager, Owner, Admin. It streamlines a lot and removes the confusion. However, you need to use the one mentioned in the article for the front-facing site.

    Although, I still avoid people's names because it always sounds cheesy.

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  • Posted to What makes a good wireframe?, Oct 10, 2019

    I would say quick and easy to understand. I had to go back to sketching in creating my wireframes because I kept making more complex then they should be. Then I quickly rebuild them in Sketch of XD and linked them up to see how the user flow actually feels like.

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  • Posted to DesignerNews is almost dead, in reply to faz kamisan , Oct 07, 2019

    At think point in my career, I could care less about another tool, framework, nor trends. They're a dime a dozen. However, I am interested in discussions around problems I am currently dealing with or have dealt with in the past.

    Two weeks ago there was a discussion regarding if you should go to school. In my past, there was a discussion about burn out. What goes in a Jira ticket. Topics like that I can relate to and want to engage with. I was hoping Reddit would bring that out... but still the same.

    I am curious about what design topics people would want to discuss.

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