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  • Posted to Invision bought Trunk and closes it, in reply to Justin White , Feb 12, 2019

    I gave up on Invision for 2 years. It's not made for large projects. It spot is small low fidelity sites. Its probably why they have been spending all their dev time in their new studio.

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  • Posted to Usability testing: everything you need to know to get started, Feb 04, 2019

    My biggest problem is writing the questions especially when you are not present. You don't want to create leading questions nor to board. Good example, we forgot to include a fake username and password. The user sat for 5 min trying to figure out how to log in, all they had to do is click login.

    Also, I recommend running practice tests on your own co-workers that are not associated with your project. This helps you fine-tune your questions or highlight potential problems going in that you can adjust. I found out that no one could locate the search box that I stuck in the hamburger menu. Then with my paid tests confirmed the issue.

    Also, you probably only need to test 5 people in order to highlight potential issues. The average cost is $30-50 per user. is amazing until you reach their 15 limits and try to hit you with a $5,000 "License fee" + $49 per test. I hate their new pricing model, it's shady. I moved to TryMyUI because we needed to target certain countries and $35 per person.

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  • Posted to Bookmark this in case you’ll ever date a designer or a developer. Thank me later., Jan 28, 2019

    I forgot you still can use the CSS marquee effect

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  • Posted to A Step-By-Step Guide To Conducting User Research (+Template), Jan 23, 2019

    The only comment is to actually talk to your customers to verify your assumptions. Otherwise you might build out features that no one wants or one individual is trying to push it for themselves. Either way it's a great activity to run to get your team thinking.

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  • Posted to 10 Year Challenge: How popular websites have changed, Jan 23, 2019

    Wowza... imgur showcases the most dramatic change out of all of them.

    If you want a trip down memory lane... Time's popular sites in 2009.

    Vimeo, Hulu, kayak, Netflix, Spotify, Help, Mint, Open Table.

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  • Posted to Why I ignore the design industry on purpose, Jan 18, 2019

    It all depends on your project.

    In my last job, we focus more on marketing sites. It seem relevant to stay with today's trends because everyone shares their landing page, checkout cart, or a generic dashboard. Anything that has cool visuals.

    However, when my engagements got more complex sites, today's trends were no longer relevant to me. My problems were not "how can I make this page look sexy" but "how can I showcase a crap load of information that has no visuals on a page without making it look like shit and be intuitive.

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  • Posted to Tip - Start every Webflow project with a style guide, Jan 17, 2019

    Every project I found myself creating a style guide/project dashboard page.

    I start out by dragging every component over, so I can start setting the base before starting to build. Then I create reference links to a direct template when client/devs what to review a page design. Side note, I use webflow mainly as a prototyping tool.

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  • Posted to How do you share UI issues and bugs with your developer or development team?, in reply to Chris Keith , Jan 16, 2019

    how do you break your tickets down?

    1. Overall Summary what needs changed
    2. Reference page
    3. Design Reference
    4. Templates/models that are effected as well
    5. Task list with detailed changes like (Increase the padding on .class to 1em)
    6. Annotated Screenshot
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  • Posted to How do you share UI issues and bugs with your developer or development team?, Jan 16, 2019

    In the past we used BugHerd to capture screenshots of the error. This help use try to recreate and locate the bug.

    Other times was the client created a very long spreadsheet, which then prioritized what they care about the most. Once they did they we moved them into Jira.

    Recently we started using user voice to capture bugs and feature requests.

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