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  • Posted to Designing accessible color systems, Oct 17, 2019 is by far my favorite checker. If allows you to adjust for boldness as well offer suggestions.

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  • Posted to User Persona Examples for SaaS Products, Oct 11, 2019

    I tend to avoid using people's names when building out personas for Saas products. I prefect user roles like Content Editor, Manager, Owner, Admin. It streamlines a lot and removes the confusion. However, you need to use the one mentioned in the article for the front-facing site.

    Although, I still avoid people's names because it always sounds cheesy.

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  • Posted to What makes a good wireframe?, Oct 10, 2019

    I would say quick and easy to understand. I had to go back to sketching in creating my wireframes because I kept making more complex then they should be. Then I quickly rebuild them in Sketch of XD and linked them up to see how the user flow actually feels like.

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  • Posted to DesignerNews is almost dead, in reply to faz kamisan , Oct 07, 2019

    At think point in my career, I could care less about another tool, framework, nor trends. They're a dime a dozen. However, I am interested in discussions around problems I am currently dealing with or have dealt with in the past.

    Two weeks ago there was a discussion regarding if you should go to school. In my past, there was a discussion about burn out. What goes in a Jira ticket. Topics like that I can relate to and want to engage with. I was hoping Reddit would bring that out... but still the same.

    I am curious about what design topics people would want to discuss.

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  • Posted to Your thoughts on Design Education, in reply to Jonathan Shariat , Oct 01, 2019

    We were trying to hire an intermediate UX designer. We got flooded with designers that only took a General Assembly class and that is it. It's fine to get your feet wet, but the majority we need someone that went through the process more than once.

    I went to design school because I avoided art class in high school and my first college. I needed the time to understand the fundamentals. However, art school did not prepare me for the real world because the traditional graphic designer is no longer in demand. All my experiences came through jobs, books, and side projects. Every project I try something new to make the process better. I had no clue what UX was until I read about it tried some stuff out. Heck, I am still doing it.

    If you feel like you need school to understand the process, spend the money. If you think you have to cause its the norm, don't waste your time. You are better off getting an intro job or do freelance work. Our industry is simple. Do you know what you are doing and /or can you make things look pretty?

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  • Posted to New Yahoo! logo, Sep 24, 2019

    I am more impressed with the applications. I wouldn't mind owning that pair of socks.

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  • Posted to No more HOW Magazine , Sep 11, 2019

    I remember getting these when I was in art school. I love them and CMYK. Sad, but then again I never look at design magazines since I graduated.

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  • Posted to Dribbble invitations, Aug 22, 2019

    I oddly felt like Ophra this week giving away my invites to my co-workers. You get an Invite! You get an invite!

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  • Posted to What is your design career goal?, in reply to barry saunders , Aug 21, 2019

    Ha, been there many times. Sometimes I create a feature ranking list to help determine what to focus on next. Rating the business, user, political values against the technical feasibility.

    Also makes me think of this comic UX Paradox

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  • Posted to What is your design career goal?, in reply to Sacha Greif , Aug 20, 2019

    Ha, I think I come to that crossroad with every project. It's smart to learn/understand other traits. It helps you focus on features that provide a bigger impact because you see it through another lens.

    If you haven't listened to it yet or anyone, I highly recommend the "how to start a start-up" courses. Some of the talks can fit into any size project.

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