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  • Posted to New Portfolio: Matter, in reply to Jeremy Swinnen , Oct 25, 2017

    I like the logo contrast. Everything a little different from the norm, which I like and you did a nice job.

    Regarding Nice Shoes, I see what he/she means. The style of your site is simple and precise. Everything is in visual order and pleasant to the eye. However, your logo, since the A & R is filled in with lack of padding around the your name gives off a rebellious feel. Its not expected. The font inverted that way feels more of organic feel as well. Because of that it creates a contrast in style against the precise style of the rest of the site.

    Oddly Reminds me of

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  • Posted to New Ebay Logo Color System , in reply to David Thorn , Oct 18, 2017

    I have a feeling there is so much legacy code that makes that system untouchable. I don't even bother with their site now and just use their app.

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  • Posted to New Ebay Logo Color System , Oct 18, 2017

    "Designing moments of perfect"... After looking at it, the phrase should be "Hey Millennials! Step up your Insta Game with Ebay"

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  • Posted to Time for a refresh: meet the new Google Calendar, Oct 17, 2017

    Well overdue. I am glad they didn't reinvent the wheel. Small changes will help a lot.

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  • Posted to Why is my dribbble shot not popular?, in reply to Kemie Guaida , Oct 11, 2017

    Ha, I agree. Also my eyes go right to that women holding her belly at the top that in the background.

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  • Posted to Dribbble is dying. Whats next? , Oct 09, 2017
    • Option 1) Just Google "UI Inspiration" There are tons of sites. DN also had a post about Little Big Details has returned.
    • Option 2) Post original work on dribbble and stop complaining
    • Option 3) Create an inspirational site and fixes the gap
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  • Posted to Zoomanity, in reply to Kyle Greely , Oct 06, 2017

    I was as well. The site doesn't to the best to explain what the heck it is. I had to go back up to top to read this little line I missed due to the scroll effects.

    There is an animal in each and every human, and there are some human traits of character in every animal. We imagined how animals would look like in the Human world and asked them to tell us their stories.

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  • Posted to Zoomanity, Oct 06, 2017

    The illustration style is amazing and refreshing to see especially when everything is icon and photography driven.

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  • Posted to The problem with 'roadmap first' teams, Oct 04, 2017

    I am currently pushing to use roadmaps, mainly to control the endless feature list we have. I do understand the issue of moving forward and never looking back. We are dealing with that right now.

    I'm trying to figure it out myself. We have a feature, content, and improvement road map. The Improvement deals with last sprints bugs, current user issues, refactoring, and general style clean up.

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  • Posted to Things i wish I knew my first day as a designer: , Oct 04, 2017

    Its more about delivery. Just say "My only concerns are X due to Y." Sometimes, I use user persona's and past feedback. However, it doesn't always work. Sometimes you will have to redo months later it, and it will piss you off. However, I have done that to my dev teams. I will always admit my faults.

    I understand there are sometimes insane amount politics. One bullet I took out before I posted and wish there were more articles about it. It's feel likes a game of poker sometimes. Some projects you will need stakeholder support to push it forward. Other times the clients will bulldoze you and need to have a "gray haired" individual come in to moderate. Or you have an arrogant egotistical CD or PM, which you are better off moving off the team or learn as much as you can a change companies.

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