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  • Posted to Racism in Design. Who to Blame?, Aug 09, 2018

    This is a negative article because it's inciting racism and division in a situation where none exists so I don't want to upvote it to give it anymore attention, but I do want to give my opinion on it.

    The site in question is not being racist because they are using stock photos that are available to them. It's not their fault if the stock photo library doesn't have women of color. They also have colored people on other parts of their site.

    The author's expectation that the site should have used a woman of color for their "premier" accounts is racist in itself. If the photos were reversed and the white woman was used for the "basic" account and the black woman was used for the "premier" account, this author would likely not have called out the site for racism.

    Putting any one race above another is racism. Yet the author is advocating for a woman of color to be in premier over a white woman. Not only that, but the author says a "male of any color" should not be used and it should only be a woman. That's sexist because it's excluding males when the site also serves many male clients.

    This author is a hypocrite because they're acting like a proponent for diversity and inclusion while being sexist and racist in their views. If they were actually for diversity they would applaud the site for using stock photos of people with different races and sexes. But this author chose not to perceive the photos in a positive light. Instead, it was perceived in a racist way that the author had to write about while pretending to be a proponent for diversity.

    To answer the question: Racism in design. Who to blame? The people to blame are the ones who see racism in cases where racism don't exist. I blame people like the author.

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  • Posted to What do we think of Fiverr?, Aug 08, 2018

    I think you should tell us why you are asking this random question so people can understand what you want. You essentially asked: "hey guys, what do you think of puppies?" Without telling people why, you're inviting designers to a circle jerk.

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  • Posted to Why You Should Never Use Pure Black for Text or Backgrounds, in reply to Jesse X , May 18, 2018

    Hi Jesse,

    Great questions, but first off I can't help but notice the great pain and suffering you are enduring from my article. You said that you're concerned about the well-being of UX designers in the world. Well, I'm concerned about your well-being. I'd like to know what specific ailments my dangerous article has caused you. If you are feeling faint or dizzy please call 911.

    There's a rise of virtue signalers who masquerade as phony moral crusaders today, so I want to make sure you are not one of them. Many of these types like to compete and bash other people's accomplishments to boost their self-esteem. This is not cool and it hurts the community. We are all designers who should be supporting each others work, not competing with each other to make ourselves feel more superior than another.

    Since my articles aren't very good, perhaps you could show everyone the far better articles you've written so we can see how a true guru master writes like. Please post it soon, as I'm eager to learn from you.

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  • Posted to Anybody else not that interested in stories about design tools?, Dec 29, 2017

    Even though you're couching everything in a nice way, you sound like a negative nancy complainer. Complainers say what they don't want, but never say what they want instead. This is exactly what you did. If you're not here for design tools, what are you here for?

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  • Posted to A better PNG minifier, in reply to Shashwat Amin , Nov 26, 2017

    He's not reinventing the wheel. He's making a wheel that's better than its predecessors, which I think is a great cause.

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  • Posted to Kickstarter's new design, brutalist or minimalist?, Nov 19, 2017

    They totally killed their brand identity for the sake of a fashionable trend. Trends are for the moment, brand identity is timeless. Very sad!

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  • Posted to A Note on Design Industry Disillusionment, in reply to Sean Schraeder , Nov 18, 2017

    First day here at DN?

    Why are you being snarky to someone who disagrees with you while preaching against that?

    The ones who accuse others of hypocrisy are the biggest hypocrites of all. Be wary of phony moralists.

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  • Posted to A New Sidebar, in reply to Sacha Greif , Jul 12, 2017

    You're right. I need to resist social feedback and use condescending sarcasm like you to make friends.

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  • Posted to A New Sidebar, in reply to Sacha Greif , Jun 21, 2017

    Obviously UX is not your forte then :)

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  • Posted to A New Sidebar, in reply to Sacha Greif , Jun 20, 2017

    Figured that much, but it's hard to read and nobody likes it. Are you designing for the user or yourself?

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