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  • Posted to Instaaa is at the top of Indie Hackers!, Oct 23, 2017


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  • Posted to New Ebay Logo Color System , in reply to Nikola Durkan , Oct 18, 2017

    This has been out for over a year I believe

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Classic Films Titles That Still Inspire Today., Oct 17, 2017

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  • Posted to While Apple is taking away buttons, we found a way to add one, in reply to Wil Nichols , Oct 16, 2017

    beme (before it shut down) had a similar concept. It used the front facing camera to activate the rear-facing camera. So they certainly have approved similar interactions in the past.

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  • Posted to Google Is Really Good at Design, in reply to Darrell Hanley , Oct 14, 2017

    Well put, thanks for sharing!

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  • Posted to Why is my dribbble shot not popular?, Oct 11, 2017

    Asking/begging for upvotes directly on dribbble would be helpful

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  • Posted to Dribbble is dying. Whats next? , in reply to Jimmy Hooker , Oct 10, 2017

    lmao, I think they meant to link this site:

    But honestly, it would be pretty cool if they did indeed invest in handmade bottles.

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  • Posted to Dribbble is dying. Whats next? , in reply to Jim Silverman , Oct 09, 2017

    Here's my take on it...

    iOS app no one asked for or wanted

    I'm not sure where you're getting this info from. I personally use their app all the time! I would also assume that it's a great way for dribbble to grow through a different avenue.

    nothing has been done with Crew since acquisition (that i'm aware of)

    Their acquisition happened only ~ 1/2 a year ago. These things take time, and I'd assume we'll see some stuff over the next little while.

    new "Scout" system was broken on release, widespread user backlash

    The idea behind scout is overall pretty solid. Yes, they had some major hiccups on launch- but that's just natural. Also, most of the complaints were from the top 1% of users who were upset that this effects their amount of work inquiries

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  • Posted to Dribbble is dying. Whats next? , in reply to Zach Online , Oct 09, 2017

    I think it's real weird how Tiny buys these companies and does absolutely nothing with them.

    What on earth are you talking about? In the time that tiny has bought dribbble they have done the following:

    • released an iOS app.
    • acquired crew
    • released a new job board system

    That's pretty damn good for 9 months! Seems like this is the most dribbble has been updated in a long time actually.

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  • Posted to What Ayahuasca Taught Me About Design, in reply to Zac Benloulou , Oct 07, 2017

    I bet the author of this article could say the same about you, you unenlightened normie! Only real designers go on ayahuasca trips.

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