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  • Posted to Show DN: New landing page for Gravit, in reply to Tom Wood , Jul 01, 2016

    I love the handles over the cards when you hover too.. but it makes one strangely think they're draggable too.

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  • Posted to How to Declutter your Design, in reply to Stevie E , Jul 01, 2016

    Thanks for your input Stephen.

    I agree and, as I mentioned in the article, there are "many schools of thought on this from the standpoint of usability".

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  • Posted to Show DN: We redesigned Format Magazine , Jun 30, 2016

    Looks nice. I'm seeing a wobbly flicker with image hover/scale effect in Chrome in Win 10.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Web-based app inspiration?, Jun 29, 2016

    A site that comes to mind is .. I found some great examples there.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Web-based app inspiration?, in reply to Bertrand Bruandet , Jun 29, 2016

    Too bad it's offline ATM. I'd like to check it out.

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  • Posted to ASK DN: Where do you get photos for your Design projects from?, May 27, 2016

    Are you serious about "just steal them"? I hope not. Usual I can find something usable at one of the many free stock sources, otherwise I use Getty images for premium stock.

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  • Posted to Essay, a free WordPress theme by ThemeBeans, May 19, 2016

    Nice theme. Added it to my curation.I especially like the big photo blocks, but the serif font in the content is a little boring.

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  • Posted to Would DN be better as 'invite-only' again?, in reply to Dan Tilden , Apr 14, 2016

    I like the StackOverflow reputation model, and don't think of it as "elitist" at all. On SO, users earn reputation over time by providing well thought out answers, and asking good questions that are relevant to the broader communtity.

    Dribbbles model (last time I checked) was to only allow users to post if they're already accepted by an existing member. That seems more elitist, i.e. "It's not what you know, it's who you know".

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  • Posted to Product Hunt gets a new layout, in reply to louie solomon , Nov 25, 2015

    Yeah, I agree. Seems like they swapped vertical scrolling with horizontal which doesn't seem as natural to me. I had thought that the intent of the redesign was to make products more discoverable, but I think the opposite has happened. The "upcoming" page is no longer accessible from home (which probably doesn't matter since it's known as the PH "graveyard"), and the keyword search still only shows featured products in the results.

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