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Joseph Reni

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  • Posted to Which Mac is the best for product design?, Jul 23, 2019

    Did you run framerX too? i'd love to know how that behaved.

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  • Posted to What's up with UX job descriptions these days?, in reply to Samantha S , May 06, 2015

    Hey sam, let's do lunch ;)

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  • Posted to What's up with UX job descriptions these days?, May 06, 2015

    Hey Sam,

    The job description appealed to me. My name is Joe - I actually work for Hirevue and the same description got me to apply. I had looked at several different job descriptions and many of them listed things - that either weren't in my wheelhouse or I didn't agree with. The truth is that HireVue is different, we are a culture first company. The way this translates into our job description is that there isn't one. We are looking for people who are talented and passionate and that will OWN the work. One of the ingredients to achieve this is to allow the applicant team member to set forth their own expectations - we're not gonna tell you what and how to do it - you're the professional and we expect you to already know that. Also we are looking for different talent - in UX there are several different areas of expertise - a finite job description could never do justice to all of the different combinations of talent. We don't want people to not apply because they are afraid they may not be a fit. We want to speak with you, hear what you're interested in doing and figure out if we can make space for it. I'll look into writing up a longer blog post about it. Also - I did make a few changes based on your comments. I did not write the original post - and based on your concerns have noticed some places i'd like to elaborate.



    The Job: You will design amazing user experiences for our current SAAS product stack.   What you’ll be doing: We want you to do what you are good at – what you were born to do. Instead of listing a bunch of daily tasks and duties - we want to know what you expect out of a UX role and how we can accommodate to it. Are you more research oriented? Are you an interaction designer? Are you a UI designer with a keen eye for UX – wherever your talents may lie, we want to hear from you. We want you to help set the job description. At the end of the day we are looking for talent, passion, and ownership. If you want a boring to-do list let us know and we’ll talk with the next candidate. But here are some things you should know:

    You don’t need to code You don’t have to pixel push (if it’s not your thing) You don’t need to know how to do multivariate analysis

    You will be creating a user experience so amazing that our customers will reflect in awe how simple intuitive and powerful our product was to use. I say “was” because they will be so efficient with their day they will wonder how they found time to hang out by the pool, mountain bike, and take that well deserved nap. And best of all you’ll do it your way.

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