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  • Posted to What's the best bookmark management app for Mac?, Mar 16, 2017

    A friend and I recently made a Chrome Extension with a Web UI that will take a screenshot of the site you'd like to bookmark and adds it to a public feed so that even if you don't re-engage in your "bookmarked" content, other people on a similar discovery path can do. Still very much a WIP but it is simple and does the job! Would love to know your thoughts..

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  • Posted to Show DN: color picker, in reply to Rick Lancee , Jan 11, 2017

    Thanks man, great feedback, I agree with all those points..

    • Mobile sidebar: maybe a visual "swipe to open" prompt on page load would suffice? The idea was that you can still see the colors go into the swatch after selecting them, and that would be enough to encourage the user to try get at them by swiping.
    • Keyboard Interactions: a bit of tabindex trickery and key bindings shouldn't be too hard to implement, is anyone experienced with this enough to point me in the right direction, best practices etc?
    • No JS content: I considered just rendering the color list but then wondered if that was just as useless as a blank page (but you are right it would be much prettier). This is would also improve Lighthouse score.

    Progressive enhancement ftw, will try address these issue when I get a free moment. Pull requests are happily received!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What prototyping tools do you use?, Mar 21, 2016 ..perfect for straight to code UI prototyping

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  • Posted to Site Design: Kentucky Fried Chicken, May 28, 2015

    Really nice.. a brave horizontal scroller

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