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  • Posted to Affinity Designer for iPad is out now in the App Store, with an introductory 30% off, in reply to Joshua Tilton , Jul 11, 2018

    not a direct sync but the ability to design the screens, then export out the PDF/PNGs of them to upload is possible

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  • Posted to Should I still be designing at 960px for desktop?, in reply to Garrett Campagna , Feb 27, 2018

    Yes! Designing for my iPhone SE width is what really makes my designs shine and surfaces a nice constraint of on mobile safari I only have ~ 400px of usable space

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  • Posted to Resources for learning Framer?, Jan 26, 2018

    Huge repo of resources

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  • Posted to Favorite iPad Pro Drawing Apps?, Jan 21, 2018

    Paper by 53 + their new app Paste for a quick sharable link to present with. More hifi stuff - Adobe Comp is gestural based.

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  • Posted to Framer’s new screen design tool is here — Frames, Vectors, SVGs and Handoff, in reply to Jurre Houtkamp , Dec 20, 2017

    Thank you Framer team!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Black Friday 2017, any deals for designers?, in reply to Paula Borowska , Nov 22, 2017 just went to $30!

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  • Posted to Must have iPhone apps for designers, Nov 06, 2017
    • Prototyping — Framer, Invision, Adobe XD
    • UX Lookup — UX Recipe, UX Assist, UX Alphabet, UX Companion,
    • Communication — Airmail, Outlook for iOS is nice too, Slack,
    • Misc — Oak (meditation), Google Assistant, Airtable, Ifttt
    • From Phone to Computer — Adobe Capture
    • Keeping up w/ the Joneses — Product Hunt, Instapaper, Unread (rss)
    • Journaling – Day One
    • Camera — Halide Camera, VSCO, Google Motion Stills
    • Podcasts — Pocketcasts or Overcast
    • Gaming — I really like the mechanics of Drag 'n' Boom lately, Oceanhorn is another classic

    Also, don't forget about the Messages specific app store — animoji is just the icing on the cake of other random GIF apps, etc built into iMessage now

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  • Posted to Zeplin announced Adobe XD integration, Oct 20, 2017

    Well someone has to have a handoff feature! :D

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  • Posted to Adobe XD 1.0, in reply to Marc Edwards , Oct 19, 2017

    I agree we need useful button UI and systemic behaviors in our designing software. Once again, it was a Sensei prototype demo that I hope answers the question of how an arthritic ridden hand that can’t operate a mouse still designs or opens up the creative world to the blind. Accessible design is the best design. Sure, AI is in it’s in infancy now, but we couldn’t have imagined CSS export 20 years ago in tools which is now the new baseline. Perhaps this is one reason IDEO purchased an AI company? I’m not saying these other tools aren’t beneficial in today’s landscape. Every product has to ship - full featured or not. But, when does the computer finally start becoming more predictive and more intuitive?

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  • Posted to Adobe XD 1.0, in reply to Marc Edwards , Oct 19, 2017

    Define essential as a quantitative measurement and a config file to a computer - then with voice recognition or a gesture resize infinite shapes at once. You’re right about the design community at large thinking essential in today’s world gets my paycheck and meets my current needs. But why reinvent Photoshop just rebranded as XD? Is InVision really solving the real problem for creative tooling by making another Sketch? Sensei and AI in general will bring the next 10 years of essential.

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