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  • Posted to Adobe Illustrator is 30 years old, Mar 27, 2017

    1997 seems to be holding up well . . .

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  • Posted to Terrible UX Trends for 2017, Feb 08, 2017

    This article talks about the "trends" of 2017, but it doesn't articulate what to do to change what was stated. This seems like a rant, more than a meaningful article (IMO).

    It says they're terrible but it doesn't explain why they're terrible trends, just subjective views.

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  • Posted to What do you wear to work and to interviews?, Nov 28, 2016

    You wear all-black if you're a designer and all of your clothes have to be designer . . .

    I just wear black jeans, black button-down shirt and sneakers/dress-shoes. Maybe wear a decent jacket (if weather permits).

    It also depends on where you interview. If its a place like McKinsey & Company, you want to dress business-casual.

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  • Posted to What's your go-to designing playlist?, Nov 28, 2016

    Yo-Yo Ma or Yiruma

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  • Posted to Macbook Pro vs Surface Studio, Oct 27, 2016

    If it had sketch support . . . game over

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  • Posted to Apps with an onboarding you enjoyed going through, Oct 18, 2016

    Here's a good reference website for FRE/NUX (first run experiences / New user experience).


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  • Posted to Ask DN: Let's Talk Salaries, Sep 19, 2016

    I'm currently 26 years old and been in this industry for about 5 years. I've worked mostly in the Bay Area but my first gig was in Seattle.

    First internship - Printern: Free (don't take free internships) Second internship - Interactive design intern: About $4,000-5,000/m Third internship - UX design intern: $5,0000/m

    Seattle (corporate) First Job - UX Designer II: $110,000 raised up to $120,000

    San Francisco (agency) Second Job - Mid-Level UX Designer: $100,000 I decided to take a pay cut to work with rad people on cool projects and also to wield my skillset with speed and efficiency.

    Opinion: Don't make money the priority; make the quality of work and culture first priority. Figure out cost of living, cost of food etc and tax deductions — that will help you gauge your salary within a certain region. Also check glassdoor for the average within your industry. I usually tack-on an additional 10-15k to salary for negotiation purposes (to get closer to the glassdoor suggested salary). Also be aware that some companies have stock options that you should max our if they have an ESPP.

    I started off as a graphic designer and worked my way into carving a niche into interaction design with strong visuals and knowledge of user research etc.

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  • Posted to Working as a Designer in Korea, Aug 08, 2016

    Seems to be a very single/narrow-minded point of view.

    "A lot of what you’ve heard about it is true. Food is great, spicy and jammed with MSG. People are obsessed with beauty. Samsung does make cars. Some do still eat dog stew.

    But here is the one I want you to pay attention to:"

    Lots of back-handed compliments/comments towards a culture that are irrelevant to writing this POV of working in Korea and setting up a proper discussion that is informative.

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  • Posted to Site Design: product design portfolio, Oct 21, 2015

    The splash page seems a bit jarring of an experience to have / sit through. The work is great.

    However, I feel there are just some minor tweaks I would suggest.

    The hero mockup in the Fitstar product seems awkward because the devices aren't scaled to one another (apple watch looks huge). Also in the Kubmo project — the typography seems to be a little too big. Size down a little and it would look refined and like a premium product.

    Hierarchy wise the social icons compete with the logo and message of Kubmo.

    "Growing a Global Community of Women in Technology" could be smaller than the logo and I feel it doesn't need a bounding box around it — maybe text on top of the image. It probably wouldn't need a drop shadow either on the text.

    Overall good stuff. If you're doing product design focused, I highly recommend talking about your process of how you got toe the finished product.

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