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  • Posted to UX Designers Hate Scrum for a Reason, May 05, 2017

    When I was fully in the scrum we thought of our work in categories: 1) Pre 2) Insitu 3) post

    1) Pre is any work that must be done before that job can be put into a sprint. Kickoff, Ideation, wireframes, mockups, design. This was then taken to the PM and the dev team for them to question and work their heads around. If that meeting went well the PM made tickets and the work eventually got put into a sprint. If not it looped back round till it could.

    2) Insitu work is things like cutting up assets for the devs, being on call for questions etc. Basically like being an on call designer for your team. I would not have as many tickets as I would also be doing Pre and Post work at the same time.

    3) Post is checking - once sprint is complete - that what was built worked (QA), user testing the live build and just making sure that what you made works and learn from if it didn't.

    The only part of my job that was in a SCRUM was #2, as this is the only work that can be done in the sprint time that aligned with the team. The whole design process is not Sprintable.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD or Figma , May 04, 2017

    I'm still using Sketch

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  • Posted to Sketch Wishes, Feb 20, 2017

    I would love vertical text centring options.

    e.g. Top, Middle, Bottom

    Currently text is only set to top. So when you have a symbol that might have 1 or 2 lines the text looses it vert centre position.

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  • Posted to Fit typeface, in reply to M. Appelman , Feb 10, 2017

    Spies could use it to send secret messages that no one can read.

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  • Posted to Iconjar has been released, Feb 06, 2017

    Oh shit, didn't realise that I have been using a beta this whole time. Shame that it is now a paid app and no benefits to the beta testers. As I already pay to use Lingo, so I guess I'm gonna have to switch over to that for all my icon needs.

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  • Posted to Handy Sketch Tricks, told in GIFs, in reply to Steven Cavins , Feb 03, 2017

    You can also copy and paste what ever is in your clipboard, by simply clicking on the tiny img preview box before pasting

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  • Posted to CSS-Tricks Redesign, in reply to Matthew Kosloski , Jan 09, 2017

    And to click. The touch targets should be padded better.

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  • Posted to Brutalist / Brutalism Apps out there?, in reply to Clay W , Dec 09, 2016

    Ȉͨṡ̔̈͐̓ ̈̓t̿͑̃̉hͨ̆iͨ͐ͬͧͯs ͛ͪ̑͆́ͬͦbͬͭͨr̒͒͋uͣ̈͌̈́tͥͦͦ̿̓̄ͮả̓͛l̒ͭiͫͮs͒m̑̊͌?ͩͧ͒

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  • Posted to Interview with Mike Holzer: Logo Review, Design Ladders & Design Leadership, in reply to Jansen Tolle , Nov 29, 2016

    Should designers wear black shirts?

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  • Posted to Mockuuups Studio for Mac - Product mockups, made easy and instantly, in reply to Jrtorrents Dorman , Nov 22, 2016

    There is a free tier, but a subscription is needed for more mockups and updates.

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