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Tristan L'Abbé

Québec Product Designer Joined almost 10 years ago via an invitation from Alejandro V. Tristan has invited Etienne Lemay

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  • Posted to Framer - A design revolution is coming (May 31st), May 24, 2017

    Design + Code right in Framer

    Oh yessssss

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  • Posted to Show DN: 3 Years of Unsplash, May 27, 2016

    I secretly entertain being a future Unsplash contributor, with a future Leica M in hand.

    Good job boys, nice recap and very inspiring story. Props from Québec :)

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  • Posted to Show DN: Missive, the one app for email and chat, in reply to Jeff Witters , May 27, 2016

    Hey Jeff!

    Understandable concern, but I think that you trade the messiness of having a lot of different things going on for a central and asynchronous way to get through these as organized units of work. For example, my inbox is currently looking like: general chat room/new team email/team chat on urgent concern/team chat on feature X/ seen emails x 4/personal to-do list.

    For more info, check out this post by my co-founder outlining our vision.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Missive, the one app for email and chat, May 27, 2016

    Hey DN! Missive designer here! We just launched the latest version that merges both email and chat threads in a single interface.

    Mixing both leads to a better asynchronous workflow and makes it a lot easier to manage all sorts of work-related tasks.

    I use it for general team chat, scoped conversations (ex: “New homepage design” with inspiration and ideas), personal notes and reminders and of course to manage work emails with our team (support requests, everyday management, etc).

    You can try it free with your team: Download the OSX app or Signup online

    Fun fact: here's a before/after screenshot of the first ever mockup in early 2014 and the actual state (god that first one was bad):Fullview

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  • Posted to Nic Cage Placeholder Images, Jul 22, 2015

    I've been using for a few years already.

    The Cage is in all of us; everyone, and everything.

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  • Posted to BEME, Jul 17, 2015

    I got unlock codes. DM me on Twitter and I'll send you one.

    EDIT: No codes left for today!

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  • Posted to San Francisco Font Tracking Table is now up!, Jul 13, 2015

    Confused by the 144 vs 72 ppi columns.

    If I'm testing this in Illustrator on a retina MBP with a 14pt paragraph, the -11 tracking (144 ppi) makes sense. Logically, if I switch to a 72ppi screen with the same document I would have to switch the tracking to 32, which is completely different and feels very loose. Any idea how to better interpret that?

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  • Posted to Show DN: Prott - Rapid Prototyping for Mobile Apps, Apr 03, 2014

    Very nice homepage and UI design. Good job.

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  • Posted to It's Inevitable: Designers Will Rule the Web, in reply to Dan Boland , Apr 03, 2014

    This gap has been growing for the last couple years, especially with the advent of Responsive design, and it will inevitably keep on growing. With the need for better interactivity and animations, designers will need to code even more.

    So although I feel Webflow/Macaw is a nice step forward in the web design tools market, saying that “Designers Will Rule the Web” is completely absurd. Adding that “It's inevitable” is even worse. If designers want to rule, they will have to start coding.

    That's why I think the Designer-Developer relationship will not die anytime soon, and the line between the two will start blurring a lot more in the coming years.

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  • Posted to Site Design: The Hobbit, Nov 21, 2013

    Did anyone manage to get out of the Dol Guldur Labyrinth game? #WorkCanWait

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