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  • Posted to Minimalism vs Brutalism: which one to choose?, Mar 06, 2020

    Voting rings are brutal and it would be a minimal effort to banish these users, I imagine.

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  • Posted to How to Make Money as a Product Designer, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Jan 10, 2020

    Hence the article's very last sentence: "You just have to be disciplined and dedicated."

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  • Posted to Figmac - Make Figma feel more at home on the Mac., Sep 10, 2019

    Thank you for sharing, Norm! Looks great!

    As this is natively built instead of using Electron; will this app also tackle the issue concerning battery consumption? I mainly use the original app on my (new) Macbook Air which sadly lasts just 2 hours while using it...

    If that's the case you should show a comparison on battery usage. It would be a huge pro :)

    I'll definitely check it when I get back home!

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  • Posted to Diagonal Containers in CSS, in reply to Matthew Smith , Apr 25, 2019


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  • Posted to Which monitor do you have?, Jan 09, 2019


    1. Dell UltraSharp UP2716D - IPS (browser)

    2. Dell S Series S2716DG - TN @144hz (code editor / gaming)

    3. Apple Thunderbolt Display 27inch - IPS (design tools);

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