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  • Posted to Drama - the ultimate all-in-one UI design tool. , Jul 24, 2019


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  • Posted to Why We're Craft CMS Developers, Apr 26, 2019

    Nice Article! And Craft is amazing!! Love it everyday more.

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  • Posted to So this downvote bombing thing is interesting ..., Apr 22, 2019

    The introduction of downvotes was the single most stupid decision in the history of stupid decisions. Just wait and see how this comment gets downvoted.

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  • Posted to 1 week into my new job and I'm thinking about quitting., Apr 11, 2019

    Every decision is being critiqued by the PM before it's even a flushed out idea to the point of frustration.

    That sounds like a very bad reason to quit and be frustrated. Designers have to be good at dealling with push back, evangelizing their ideas and convincing stakeholders.

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  • Posted to Spectre—Smart long exposure camera (from the creators of Halide), Mar 01, 2019

    I was excited to try it, but the App Store reviews don't look too good.

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  • Posted to Recurring payments with two lines of code, in reply to Pete Hawkins , Mar 01, 2019

    Hey Pete. I saw this last week, but I didn't even bother to explore it when I saw there was no documentation. The features are also pretty vague.

    I have been looking for something like this, but it's pretty hard to evaluate your product from the existing landing page. For example, right away I wanted to know if this has webhooks for subscription and cancellation events, but there's nothing in the landing page mentioning that.

    Another reason why I'm looking for a product like this is that I don't want to mess with setting up a backend to handle payment changes, cancellations, payment method changes, etc. It's not clear if you provide these either. Otherwise, this is pretty similar to Stripe Checkout (not necessarily a bad thing). It would be nice to understand how is different.

    I don't know if the vagueness is intentional or not, but I would consider making things more clear, as well as providing links to documentation.

    I have an API product and currently using Chargebee, but I would love something simpler. Maybe I'm not the right audience for this product but I thought I would share these thoughts.

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  • Posted to Stockholm Design Lab designed a new logo and identity for The Nobel Prize, Dec 13, 2018

    This is weird.

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  • Posted to Where do you collect design inspiration for easy access, browsing, etc?, Dec 05, 2018

    Shameless Self Promotion: Waveguide has a saving feature that allows you to collect all the landing pages, mobile landing pages, app screenshots, and patterns we post. When you save something, you can grab the color palette and see some of the particular details of each saved item.

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  • Posted to How do you manage copy text in a huge application?, in reply to Andrei Urse , Nov 15, 2018

    In a "huge" application probably it makes sense to have everything in a Properties Bundle using a .properties file or a JSON or XML.

    Doc writers and designers can access those files and make the commits to change the strings / localize / correct etc.

    This is how large companies deal with UI Copy Text if you were wondering.

    Netflix wrote a blog post about their own workflow to handle UI strings for internationalization:

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  • Posted to Tailwind: style your site without writing any CSS!, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , Nov 03, 2018

    I see why you would think this is maintainability nightmare, but it really isn't, especially if you're rendering from the server. You can have very organized logic for all your styles and still have all the control of the CSS without ever leaving our templates. Besides that, this is the purest form of CSS because you know everything is being applied in a pseudo-inline style, which means you get the benefits of the specificity without losing control of the global styles. You can always override any class and get that globally applied to all your website.

    It's a different mindset, but I found it incredibly useful and liberating.

    On the other hand, I have never tested this at semi-large scale so I don't know if this really scales, but CSS is horrible to maintain at larger scales anyways (regardless the approach).

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