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  • Posted to Waveguide - Design Knowledge Base (Patterns, Mobile Screenshots/Landing Pages Examples), in reply to Robin Goyal , Jul 09, 2018

    Hey Robin.

    Right now it's just me (side project). But I'm giving a $10 USD Amazon gift card to anyone who wants to document and write a Wave.

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  • Posted to Waveguide - Design Knowledge Base (Patterns, Mobile Screenshots/Landing Pages Examples), in reply to Marcel M. , Jul 09, 2018

    Hey Marcel,

    Awesome feedback. I'll definitely find a Windows machine and troubleshoot this issue. You're also right about "above the fold". I had some trouble trying to make that slimmer but I'll explore more options.

    Finally, regarding the sign-up wall, I can't deny that's annoying.

    As I explained in the comment above I added the wall to measure the demand and hopefully establish an audience of early adopters. Signing-up for Waveguide seemed like like a reasonable impedance step to do this.

    That being said, I might remove this completely depending on the feedback.

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  • Posted to Waveguide - Design Knowledge Base (Patterns, Mobile Screenshots/Landing Pages Examples), in reply to Patrick Burtchaell , Jul 09, 2018

    Hey Patrick,

    That's a fair question. The honest answer is that adding that sign-up wall is part of the whole experiment.

    I did it because I really want to measure the demand for this and have a clear path of communication with early adopters.

    My idea for Waveguide in the long-term is to accomplish something that is more powerful and influential in people's work than a simple pattern library. That means finding ways to scale the content creation, adding more resources, extracting and augmenting more pattern insights (not only color and sentiment) and experimenting with other formats like video.

    Unfortunately all of this is extremely hard to accomplish without a business model, so the account creation is at least a measurable OKR that can help me to build the audience that a viable business model needs.

    That being said. This is part of the experiment and I might as well remove the sign-up wall all together depending on the feedback.

    I wish I had a less philosophical answer but that's honestly the only reason for the sign-up wall.

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  • Posted to Waveguide - Design Knowledge Base (Patterns, Mobile Screenshots/Landing Pages Examples), Jul 09, 2018

    Hi DN Friends,

    Today I want to softly introduce a project in which I have been working for the last several months. Waveguide ( is a curated design knowledge base that aggregates and gives augmented information on user experience patterns and design examples.

    As of this writing Waveguide has three sections:

    - Waves: Small and straightforward teardowns and explanation of user experience design patterns.

    - Mobile Shots: iOS (iPhone and iPhone X) and Android Screenshots indexed by Type of View, Type of Control and App Store Category and Color (Color Filters coming soon).. (think

    -Landing Pages: Landing Page examples with augmented data on color and sentiment analysis.

    Besides this, Waveguide allows you to save your favorite patterns, download the images and look up both the App Store sources and original Landing Page sources.

    I have many things in the pipeline, and I was on the fence about sharing it with DN yet or not, but I realized that there's no point in building more stuff if I can't prioritize based on your feedback.

    I build this because in my seven years of experience as a designer and almost 10 years as a technologist I became more and more frustrated with the lack of resources to help designers find common standards and well-documented approaches to solving common design problems.

    Is evident that as a community we don't have a problem in creating the right tools, but we definitely have a poor baseline for data-oriented design, standardization and creating good and durable systems of records for design.

    Right now this doesn't seem to be a problem but this industry and job family will keep evolving under the demand of a highly technological world and the lack of validated and proven design knowledge will become a painful problem as we try to teach new designers how to solve problens in an increasingly complex world, as well as we try toscale design as an integral part of future organizations.

    Waveguide is a humble attempt to solve this problem. It's not yet what I imagine and what I envision, but it's a start and it would be extremely helpful to get all the valuable feedback from this community as I keep building this idea.

    If you have any feedback please don't hesitate to comment or contact me at

    Cheers, -Juan

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where to buy illustrations for websites? , in reply to Ignacio Correia , Jun 04, 2018

    I'm curious. How do you guys make money?

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  • Posted to Can't figure out what a specific UI element is called, May 08, 2018


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  • Posted to Sketch 49.3 Stable?, in reply to Robin Goyal , Apr 06, 2018

    49.1 was horrible for me. That's when I stopped trying to upgrade to 49.X.

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  • Posted to Sketch 49.1 is out (stable?), Mar 14, 2018

    I will skip this version too. 49.0 was the laggiest release ever. I will wait for a couple of versions more.

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  • Posted to Sketch Copy and Paste, now in Framer, Mar 09, 2018

    Updated to v114 but when I try to paste a group from Sketch it gets pasted as an image. What's the right way to do it?

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  • Posted to Sketch adds prototyping in version 49, in reply to Mantas Milkintas , Feb 28, 2018

    Catching-up on an unreleased and delayed product?

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