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  • Posted to Do you have any visual bug tracking tools to recommend?, Mar 22, 2018

    +1 for Usersnap!

    We're using it pretty heavily and it just works. It's easy to set up and works great for live websites as well as prototypes.

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  • Posted to What software do you use for tracking design issues? , May 15, 2017

    => Usersnap: it's similar to Invision, however, it also allows you to use it on html prototypes and for website feedback.

    (great thing: we get notified directly inside a Slack channel when someone leaves a new Usersnap feedback)

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  • Posted to Podcast suggestions, Jan 19, 2017

    My favorite podcasts are:

    • 99%invisible
    • Let's make mistakes
    • This Developer's life
    • The changelog
    • Developer Tea
    • Fullstack Radio
    • Inside Intercom
    • Work in Progress by Slack

    A while ago, I also wrote this article on some of my fav podcasts:

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  • Posted to 6 things I learned creating my own Messenger chatbot, Jan 19, 2017

    Thanks for sharing your insights! I started to work on two chatbots (for some side projects) as well, and learned A LOT on how people communicate. :) Thanks for sharing your insights!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Do you use transcribing software for User Interviews?, Jan 09, 2017

    As I had experience with both ways (not transcribing entire interviews + transcribing them) - I see the following pros + cons:

    Pros of transcribing interviews: + you have the entire interview at your finger tip, searching for certain words is easy when you have the entire interview. + people do not listen to the audio files (at least that's my experience) + having a written document helps to provide further context

    Cons of transcribing interviews: - transcribing takes time (or costs money) - some transcripts might never be used

    All in all, I think that it's more important to have a summary of the key points of each interview somewhere easily accessible.

    I've used in the past for transcribing user interviews. It's a great service and works super fast (usually you get the ready transcript within 24 hours).

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  • Posted to Why Windows 98’s User Onboarding is Better Than Yours, Oct 10, 2016

    Awesome post and great inspiration! :)

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  • Posted to Top 10 web design tutorials on YouTube, in reply to stephen f , Sep 06, 2016

    Sure thing!

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  • Posted to Examples of great 404 Error pages, Jul 20, 2015

    I like this one as well ;-) #freecookie

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  • Posted to Anybody else feel like this all the time? (Story of my life), Apr 08, 2015

    I completely second that! There are so many projects/situations where I see myself in such a situation. What I found helpful was trying to stay focus. I know this sounds kind of obvious, but if you think about ways how to stay focused (and on track on your projects) you get work done (and finish it). I recently published this post about staying focused and productive which may help others too:

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