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Toronto Chief Design Officer @Goldmoney Joined over 5 years ago via an invitation from Cat N.

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  • Posted to Redditors design worst volume sliders possible, Jun 09, 2017

    This is actually a really interesting creative exercise.

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  • Posted to MacBook pro Raedon Pro 460, in reply to Jon Myers , Jun 05, 2017

    Good to know this is happening to others and not just me, at first it was driving me mad, I have the 2016 machine with the 460 (maybe that's important, maybe not). and two thunderbolt displays that are daisy-chained.

    But the solution I have found is when I unplug the displays I first have to put the computer to sleep, otherwise, it'll often freeze when I go to open the lid.

    Keyboard and mouse are buggy sometimes too, a restart is the only thing that fixes it.

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  • Posted to [FIXED] DesignerNews.co font change - anyone else seeing this? (caused by missing font resource from typography.com), in reply to Brad Siefert , May 30, 2017

    Keep in mind that's not a system font on Windows.

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  • Posted to How I launched a site straight from Sketch in one weekend., May 09, 2017

    I do have to say there is one valid reason for this: prototyping, as people have mentioned. However, why use web code for a prototype that has no hope of being production ready? May as well build in a different medium.

    This is for sure not capable of production use. It would be of far better use for you to learn how to build this by hand. I can assure you it won't take you long to learn, this could be built in 3-4 hours max.

    I see you mention you would bring in developers to create a database driven version, This would be very hard to create from a database because instead of just looping out data using JS, PHP etc you would have to loop out data, and then calculate all the position pixels. IMO if a developer saw this they would just create it from scratch again, it would be quicker and less of a headache.

    I don't mean to offend. But I strongly believe tools like this shouldn't exist. It's a step backward, not forward.

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  • Posted to How I launched a site straight from Sketch in one weekend., May 08, 2017

    The generated code here is awful. Absolutely positioned everything. That's not how you build a website.

    IMO, these code generator plugins/software really need to focus on something else. It's not possible to generate code for a site of moderate complexity. This plugin is particularly useless as it can't even generate your site, which is about as basic as it can get.

    I know you say it "works for you" But I bet it won't work well cross browser. Not good for users. It's impossible to make this site responsive and would be a nightmare to edit or maintain.

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  • Posted to Show Me Your Business Card, Jan 09, 2017


    More on my profile as well

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  • Posted to Any designers using 12" Macbook?, Dec 27, 2016

    I have the original 12" MB from 2015. I've tried to work on it, writing code on it is fine, although uncomfortable unless on a desk due to the palm rest size. It's not powerful enough to run design tools properly IMO.

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  • Posted to Sketch Version 40.1 (33804) - performance issues, Oct 05, 2016

    Noticing lots of issues, as well as a load of graphical glitches

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  • Posted to Ask DN: How many hours a week do you work?, Sep 14, 2016

    CDO in an early stage fintech company.

    45-50 hours regular - 60-70 when meeting tight deadlines. Very draining but the companies stage and team size require it so that we can grow.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Where are all the UI engineers?, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Sep 02, 2016

    This is the big problem, even with other engineers (js, back end, etc)

    While it's easy to learn and use at a basic level, it's surprisingly hard to use at scale or build very complex components

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