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  • Posted to Roadmap v.1.0 is finally here! , in reply to R. Kamushken , Jan 24, 2019


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    Thank you Julian for letting me know. We recently shortened all of our links to What, why, how, and who so that might have caused the issues. Fixed and pushed live.

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    We still take on client work from time to time when the right one comes along. We are definitely more picky than others when it comes to finding the right fit thanks to Roadmap. That means we no longer depend on client work to pay our bills.

    But we are still active and looking for the one. Our last client work was about a couple of months ago and it was probably our most challenging and rewarding project yet. We worked with governments around the world to simplify and unify the online visa processes for over 60 countries at once. Working with that many stakeholders, on such a complex system, with a tight deadline given by each country, and so many moving pieces, we really pulled off the impossible and shipped a solution we are really proud of. Not to mention that it was delivered on time and within budget.

    To me, personally, with my history with visas, that project meant a lot. I've been stateless for half of my life and I still don't have permanent citizenship anywhere in the world. I wrote a post about what it's like and what I learned in the past 14 years here if you are interested: https://medium.com/@farzadban/what-i-learned-from-getting-deported-twice-and-building-two-successful-businesses-in-the-process-6cf114facacd

    Anyway, I think we've found a good balance between starting and growing our own businesses and helping others with theirs when our values and our ideas of how work should be done match.

    Hope that answered your question.

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  • Posted to Roadmap v.1.0 is finally here! , Jan 23, 2019

    Hi DN,

    I miss this place. It feels like it was yesterday we worked with Andrew and his team to redesign DN for the first time. Given the community here and the potential, we had to take it on, no matter how crazy the timeline was (If I remember this correctly, it took us about a week or two to get it done).

    Anyway, after a decade of working on all kinds of projects with teams from trendy startups to fortune 500 companies and governments, we learned a lot about productivity and what blocks most teams to reach their true potential.

    So around Christmas, back in 2016, we started sketching. Our goal was to create a radically transparent project and task management system for teams. Almost 2 years and a successful beta launch on PH, Roadmap v.1.0 is finally here!

    With Roadmap, you can prioritise your projects with clarity, manage your team's tasks with transparency and track true progress with just a glance.

    Have a look. I hope you like it.

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  • Posted to Roadmap — plan projects and manage resources with ease, in reply to Sergie Magdalin , Jun 26, 2017

    Hi Sergie,

    Thanks, teamweek is a resource planning app while Roadmap is a project planning and team scheduling app. Its designed to help managers to plan any type of project in any size with ease, and share them with their team members or outside stake holders by sharing the link. Roadmap also helps you to automate your team scheduling process, follow-ups, compare estimates with actual time and much more.

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  • Posted to Roadmap — plan projects and manage resources with ease, in reply to Jonas Spott , Jun 26, 2017

    Thank you Jonas, glad you like Roadmap. Check out our Multi layout to group phases. Let me know if that works better for planning campaigns.

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  • Posted to Roadmap — plan projects and manage resources with ease, in reply to Jon Myers , Jun 13, 2017

    Hey Jon, 

    Glad you liked Roadmap and thank you for your detailed feedback. 
 With Roadmap, we are starting from the bigger picture and working our way down to the details. 
We believe successful projects start with a well-defined plan that is visually clear to all members involved.
Everyone can see the master plan for the project instead of having them focused on their day to day tasks created by the manager while the managers sit with the plan in their head.


With Roadmap everyone can see: - Which phases a project consist of (ex. Design, Development, Marketing) - What each phase means in terms of actionable tasks and who’s responsible for them - Who’s working on what and how their work is connected to each other - Milestones, when things are due and what everyone is working towards

    So in short, the goal of Roadmap is to make that plan accessible to everyone for better communication and transparency. 
— Workflow and the reasoning behind our plan to integrate Roadmap with task management apps like Trello, Asana, Jira: In terms of your current workflow, Roadmap serves as an overview for apps like Productboard, Asana and Jira. 
All of these different task management apps focuses on day to day tasks and it makes it harder for you and your team to get the overview they need to understand the current status of the entire project, where they are and what they are working towards.

    So with the Trello (and other task management apps like Jira, Asana etc) we are able to pull all these tasks to our backlog so you can easily group the tasks and drop them into the plan to get the overview you need to understand the bigger picture and keep track of the deliveries/milestones in order to take the project from point A to B with clear estimates and later compare these estimates with actual times when the project is done. (longest sentence ever)

    Roadmap also helps managers with following up by notifying you and your team when things are due, weekly/daily priorities and it alerts you when someone doesn’t have anything to work on in advance or who has too much on their plate and much more.

    Hope that helps. Happy to jump on a call with you to have a deeper chat about why we built Roadmap and what we are aiming to accomplish with our app. My email: farzad@3dro.ps

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    No scrum board, Roadmap is currently focusing on giving you the birds eye overview of all your projects and your teams schedules. We are working on Trello, Jira, Asana integrations so you can easily import the tasks and drop them in the plans to get the overview you need.

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  • Posted to Roadmap — plan projects and manage resources with ease, in reply to CTodd Lombardo , Jun 13, 2017

    Email me at farzad@3dro.ps

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  • Posted to Roadmap — plan projects and manage resources with ease, in reply to Diego Lafuente , Jun 13, 2017

    thanks, glad you liked it.

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