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  • Posted to Ask DN: Got any neat unused domain names you'd like to offload?, Jun 03, 2013

    Have been running profitable blogs on gggadgets.com and thegadgets.net (both pointing to the same site), but don't have time for them now. They are just lying around waiting for my attention and I feed them with hosting and domain renewal when they need.

    Nice story? :/

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  • Posted to Does anyone use a 13" laptop for design work?, Jun 03, 2013

    I use a 2010 MacBook Pro 13" for design and code and I have mixed feelings.

    At work, I'm provided with a 27" display that I connect with my MBP to get most of the work done. At home and on road, there's no alternative to a 13" display. 11" is too small to get anything done, 15" and 17" are too big and heavy to carry around.

    So yes, 13" is your best bet if you can use a bigger display for most of your work hours.

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