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  • Posted to Does anyone have experience, good or bad, buying Refurbished Apple products?, Apr 01, 2019

    Two of my colleagues and myself all had to return the first refurbs we received because all 3 had display issues. One not working when connected to an HDMI, 2nd not working after sleep, and 3rd having weird white lines near the bottom of the screen which flickered when moving a window to that area. All 3 were returned, the next "batch" seem find so far. It's been almost a year. But then again this is Apple Korea.

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  • Posted to The Apple Goes Mushy Part I: OS X's Interface Decline (Introduction), Jul 24, 2016

    Thank you for the nice read... I don't know if Apple is aesthetically decaying...but like all of us Apple is evolving. I think we are in a stage where agility is mandatory because technology and trend is changing faster every year and skeuomorphism just takes too much time. Too much effort. Inefficient. I guess I'm just lazy but I surely don't want to spend days on a button. Trying to make that perfect glass texture that is reflecting a mini-verse within etc... Sure, us designers actually LOOK at the interface but most users don't care. (In my experience). Even us designers, we might be impressed for the first couple of days but eventually we want to get things done and having the time machine icon look more like a time machine doesn't really help with my interaction. Correctly versioning a set of documents I am looking for helps. Personally I like the new flat design trend. Less time trying to make it look like a perfect glass and more time with flows, functions and layouts... Looking forwards to part 2!

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Are you the only designer where you work?, Oct 12, 2015

    I'm in the same boat as most of you. Currently the only designer at a small startup company that is engineer oriented. Everybody is an engineer or has a CS background.

    Besides not having someone in the same field to discuss ideas, the most frustrating part in working with engineers is the feedback. It's impossible to get quality feedback even though it's the app they are going to make. Especially if you present with images. So now my workflow is more geared towards making HTML prototypes and less GUI.

    Better stop here before this turns into a full blown rant. lol

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Share one quick thing you have learned from real-world experience, Aug 25, 2015

    Engineers and designers are exactly the same. Engineers use IDEs we use sketch to solve the same problem. Be friends with them. See how the apps are actually coded. Ask what is an easy development and what is hard to make. Your designs will change for the good.

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