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Amsterdam, the Netherlands Co-founder & Designer @ Yummygum Joined over 8 years ago via an invitation from Vince S.

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  • Posted to Anyone use a "kneeling chair"?, Sep 18, 2018

    Kinda late to the party but here's my contribution; I've been using a Stokke kneeling chair (this one

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  • Posted to Any rumors for when Bohemian will release Sketch 52 and what features it might have?, Sep 06, 2018

    Don't know when it'll come out or what features it will include but this tweet by Pieter Omvlee confirms your suspicions of v52 being on the horizon


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  • Posted to Export 800x600 px gif using principle for dribbble, Apr 12, 2018

    Use Gifbrewery for optimization and try removing obsolete frames. Instead of 20 frames of the same thing, remove 19 and apply a longer duration on the one remaining frame

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  • Posted to SketchCleaner — Sketch Plugin to clean files, in reply to Brian Bellissimo , Nov 30, 2017

    Hi Brian. Could it be you have an adblocker installed?

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  • Posted to Does text styles in Sketch can be improved?, Nov 08, 2017

    One thing I'm really missing is a distinction between paragraph styles and text styles. Not reminiscent about Photoshop in any way, but making a distinction between character styles and paragraph styles was one thing they did pretty well in my opinion.

    Sketch currently bundles a couple of characteristics under 'text style' of which most make sense to group, but some don't. One example is text alignment. Say I have a h1 text style that's set to left-align, and I want to re-use everything of that text style elsewhere except for it needs to be center aligned. That currently means I'll need to make an additional text style for a characteristic that's more of a sub-characteristic than an actual new 'style'.

    At least that's my personal preference

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  • Posted to City Lights — A suite of beautiful dark themed goodies, in reply to Martin K , Nov 03, 2017

    Works fine for me. Are you sure you don't have any other icon package still running at the same time? If you are, could you try disabling that one?

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  • Posted to How do you onboard a new member of your team?, Jul 26, 2017

    We've been using https://www.process.st since a couple of months now.

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  • Posted to Best Apps for Apple Watch?, May 23, 2017

    In my humble and honest opinion I think you'll be disappointed if it's apps you think will justify the purchase of an Apple Watch.

    During the first couple of days I had my Apple Watch I was also constantly looking for apps to try. But truth is that none of the apps really made the Watch more valuable. In my experience I've gained the most value from quick glances. Deciding if and what kind of reaction a message / email calls for.

    I think I use Shazam or Spotify once a week on a intense app-use week. For actually performing actions that are more complex than looking up a message with one tap you'll probably just get your iPhone out anyway.

    Don't mean to be pessimistic about the Apple Watch. I love mine. But I think it's fair to say you should probably not try to justify purchasing one for apps you'll most likely won't use after the first week anyway. Just my two cents.

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