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  • Posted to Ask DN: What are great video companies?, in reply to Numecca . , Mar 30, 2015

    Pure gold! Just another reason I love forums.. never heard of them before and after checking out their work.. really impressed. thanks!

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  • Posted to What's something important that you never learned in school?, Mar 30, 2015

    How to balance a bank account..

    Seriously when I freelanced, (very brief) finances were the worst part.

    Thankfully there are a ton of free resources online, but in the end, I think those real world issues need taught in every class, not just biz school.

    Even if it were 2 hours total, as long as they communicate a brief outline of what to do, that would have been very valuable.

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  • Posted to Users' Perception of Product Ratings (New Qualitative & Quantitative Findings), Mar 30, 2015

    So, overall amount of ratings trumps a higher rating. Pretty simple, as most people are still distrusting of a product.

    Scams in the news don't help at all but I think this post perfectly illustrates that there is still that 2% mistrust about shopping online.

    The difficult part for us, is that we are constantly working with review sites to make sure we are doing the best we can, yet, you are never sure how many people look at SaaS reviews and then purchase your product.

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  • Posted to Inventing Favicon.ico, Mar 30, 2015

    Super random, and short story about a feature that literally affected millions. As it should be I suppose!

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  • Posted to This is Markdown., Mar 30, 2015

    One of the things I love about markdown is that it takes zero time to learn and is accepted everywhere. But, I wish more platforms would help you through it. Reddit does a good, quick job, but their text box is just too small.

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