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  • Posted to Ask DN: What am I missing about Figma?, Sep 06, 2019

    So I switched from Sketch to Figma just under a year ago. The thing that took me the longest to figure out is what can and can't be done to components. To use your button example, when your initial button is created (atom) it should contain everything you want for you other variations.

    I work on a Mac for work so I usually duplicate the component by selecting it and holding down option/alt to bring up the double arrows to duplicate it. With this new component, you can change the text, color and turn on or off aspects of the button you created. Any changes to the original component will reflect downward.

    If you keep a naming convention like "component/buttons/active" your button components should be grouped and you will be able to switch between them in the property menu on the right.

    It's been a while so I assume what you mean by rearrange would be something like the tidy up feature in Figma. You should look into it.

    Hope that helps.

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  • Posted to Is anyone else getting showered with dribbble invites?, Nov 30, 2018

    They have been making some changes over the past couple of months, Like allowing anyone upload. I personally gave up on trying to get an invite at some point. I guess we'll see what happens going forward.

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  • Posted to Sketch 48, Dec 06, 2017

    I Updated to 48 and have since reverted back to 47 with the help of abstract. I was having text clipping issues that were affecting my current design system. I'm going to wait on 48.1 to see if this gets resolved.

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  • Posted to Sponsor: Affinity Designer: the perfect tool for UI and UX design, in reply to Patrick Neufmille , Mar 09, 2017

    Yeah, I'm with you on this one. I use Sketch, AD and illustrator and I have to say the Illustrator has defined what a pen tool should be. I wish more time was dedicated to making the pen tool better for both Sketch and AD.

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  • Posted to Tracing Paper App for web designers?, Dec 05, 2016

    Zeplin has a feature where you can overlay uploaded designs on your browser.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Dropbox vs. Google Drive, Apr 28, 2016

    I've used both, what are you looking to use it for? general file sync? I currently subscribe to a google drive plan for 100GB and my dropbox is standard account with upgraded storage from invites.

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  • Posted to PSA: Stop hiding your preview images with crazy hover transitions. , in reply to Tristam Goch , Jun 06, 2015

    I totally agree. the question should we make sacrificed to our intended design in order to predict the actions of the user.

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  • Posted to PSA: Stop hiding your preview images with crazy hover transitions. , Jun 05, 2015

    I can see how that can be annoying. But what if its meant just as a preview and on click you see the actual work.

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  • Posted to Sketch: Best way to buy?, Jun 01, 2015

    I recently bought sketch via their store. My reasoning was due to future upgrades. From what I understand paid upgrades are hard if not impossible with Mac app store. So to make any future paid upgrades easier on myself I bought their version. I think the only difference in version is the Mac App Store one has iCloud integration (which i didn't need) and their version doesn't (I could be wrong though).

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  • Posted to Apple Font Book is a spinning wheel of disaster, Apr 16, 2015

    Its probably not the ideal price but I use FontExplorer X Pro. Purchased it around version 3, there on version 4 now. The thing I like about it is i integrates with adobe creative suit and has the ability to turn on fonts on a per project basis. It will also enable fonts you used in old projects when you open them and disable them when your finished. The interface allows your to experiment with fonts can it also categorizes your font for you. Just my two cents.

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