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  • Posted to UX Problem: Need user engagement ideas for loading time of 20-40 seconds. , Mar 06, 2015

    In similar situations I got the idea of add a game. The user story is this in brief:

    1. The person upload a file (she/he have to wait 20-40 seconds).
    2. A message appears with the – similar – following text: "We are uploading your file, while you are waiting you can play this game"
    3. The game appears and the user play a short time because probably in 5-10 seconds the files is ready.
    4. An other message appears with the – similar – following text: "We are ready but you can continue playing"

    The game can be anything; Tetris, Snake, Pinball, Pacman, Mario, etc.

    And wuala! You have a happy user because he/she wasn't conscious about that time that spend the system uploading the file.

    (Sorry for my english, I'm from Chile (: )

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