Tyson Kingsbury

Tyson Kingsbury

Mississauga (near Toronto) Creative Director at Joined about 5 years ago via an invitation from Hunter O.

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  • Posted to Death Note App - An app inspired by the Manga Death Note, Jul 11, 2018

    i notice he replaced the name 'donald trump' lol.... smart move... another commenter wrote on his dribbble page 'unless you want a visit from the secret service, you may want to change that name'...

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  • Posted to How did switching to Figma go for you and your company? , in reply to Bart S , Jul 10, 2018

    It's pretty much ALL about the handoff.

    Devs never really worked well with Photoshop.... it required meetings, blueprints of how everything went 'together'....sometimes you had to have atleast one of the devs have their own copy of photoshop so they could open the files if necessary .... it was a HUGE pain...

    with Figma, it's all a link.

    you set them up with full access to the file, and it's all good to go. once they see where they can access the CSS code or whatever else they need, they're on it. click on an item or piece, and there's all the code they need... copy straight to their dev files etc... plus, if it's web work, all the jpgs or pngs are right there for them to export...

    i can't even imagine using sketch/photoshop or adobe Experience or whatever...none of them can do what Figma does. single best decision we've made in the design dept. easily.

    I've used it for projects with big retail companies, hydro companies, web work, app work, hell...even doing branding and stuff....

    our clients absolutely love it... beats getting some jpegs in email.... now you can send them full-on files, walk-throughs, etc...

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  • Posted to How did switching to Figma go for you and your company? , Jul 10, 2018

    I can honestly say it changed things for the better in many ways. I'm the Creative Director here at a software company (although we also do a fair bit of consulting work for other clients). Aside from creating all the marketing design work and websites for us, I also do a fair bit of consulting myself. In the past, that always meant a lot of photoshop docs...and a fair bit of a back-and-forth during developer handoff...

    Since we started using Figma as our main design tool, it's changed things SO MUCH for the better. it's faster. the designs are way easier to share with a dev team (which are often remote) the hand-off is seamless. a good dev can open up the link to the figma screen and easily see/access what they need immediately. they have all the css they need etc..all the image files are there...

    The President of the company that I report to absolutely loves it. He thinks it's as much of a game-changer as I do...

    Among us on the design team here, we now use it for everything...

    we've got all the marketing collateral on here... we've got all the website designs, all the Corporate logos, all the ads we're working on....just...everything.....

    I rarely open up any Adobe software any longer.... maybe once or twice a week for a few moments to clean something up in photoshop or whatever... now, it's pretty much Figma all day long..and's awesome :)

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  • Posted to Doing some research: What was your most memorable conference experience?, Jun 28, 2018

    years ago, i went to a big AIGA conference in Miami, at the Eden Roc resort... I suppose what made it memorable was meeting Jeffery Zeldman. Id chatted with him a few times online before (via either K10k, or his old website). I happened to be sitting at the hotel bar when I turned around and saw that he was checking in... went over and said hello, and that it was awesome to meet him etc... he did one of the big key-note sessions, and it was fantastic.. honestly one of the best speakers I've ever seen.... and once again, after the show I was able to hang out and chat with him for a little while...

    aside from that, it was a standard conference etc....some good speakers, some great product demos... and Eden Roc is an incredible place to stay at.... but the BIG take away for me was getting to actually meet and hangout with Jefferey Zeldman.... I'll never forget that.... getting to meet one of your hero's is great..but having them turn out to be SUPER just makes it even greater :)

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  • Posted to SVG animation in Google Slides?, Jun 08, 2018


    Bueller?....Bueller? ;)

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  • Posted to Ask DN: If you don't like or don't want to code can you help me understand why?, Jun 07, 2018

    ok, here's goes.

    i 'get' code... I'm pretty immersed in it at my office....I'm surrounded by engineers etc... I'm just not that 'good' at it.

    I'm 46.

    I've been at this a LONG time now. I got started in design working at Ad-agencies back in the early 90's, and jumped over to web around 1999.

    When I first started in web design at a consulting firm, I told my boss at the time, hey...i'm totally down with learning to code if you need me to. his response 'that's cool, i appreciate that....but we have approx 50 dudes here with comp-sci and engineering degrees that do that all day long...thing is though, they SUCK at design....that's what i need YOU doing....'

    which was cool at the time, and i appreciated the humour of it...

    flash forward to now. I'm CD at a software company

    I've taken html/css courses, and I've done a very limited amount of coding....enough to to know that I'm not very fucking good at it. ...but...

    I'm pretty fucking good at design now.

    and my position is, i have the tools at this point to get what i want done pretty quickly..and if there's something beyond that?....i pass it off to one of the devs here to handle (because they're super fast, and crazy good at what THEY do...)

    • we handle out marketing site (for our software) on wordpress (easy enough to handle...i can do most of that with my marketing team) • SVG animations i can create on SVGator • all my UI/UX work i do on Figma, which is great for Dev handoff, as it has all the code they need...css/etc... • any html/web stuff i need to do, i generally use Blocsapp which does pretty much everything I need it to do....

    TL/DR between Figma, SVGator, Blocsapp, Wordpress (and my 25+ years or so doing photoshop) I'm pretty much able to do all i need to do with out busting out the code....

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  • Posted to How to do an Unsolicited Redesign That People Care About, Jun 04, 2018

    I'm actually pretty much always happy to look at redesigns... sometimes they're awful sometimes they have a few interesting ideas sometimes it's just slick design with no thought to UX


    every once in a blue moon, you see something inspiring. Something daring. Something that sets itself apart etc..

    I like to think at heart, we all have that same appreciation etc...

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  • Posted to How does one achieve this logo style in 2018?, May 31, 2018

    not sure what you'd call it other than 'hand drawn'... as far as reproducing something like this, I can think of a few ways...

    1) literally hand-draw your design, re-do it in ink, scan, trace it in illustrator, clean it up, done.

    2) do the whole thing in illustrator. they have lots of decent 'ink' capabilities etc. you can pretty accurately get the whole 'hand-drawn' thing done there if you have the skills etc.

    3) buy one. (vecteezy and other vector sites have thousands of decent pieces you could use etc, to either do the whole thing, or atleast get you started)

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  • Posted to Keyshape vs Flow for SVG animations?, May 23, 2018

    haven't tried Flow, but dicked around with Keyshape a bit...wasn't terribly impressed at the time, but may have to give it another go to have a better opinion.... lately I've been using SVGator and have been suuuuuuper happy with it....does everything I need it to, and more.... if you haven't tried it yet, it's worth it ...and free :)

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  • Posted to Spirit is out now for Mac, May 16, 2018

    I've been using SVGator for free for the past few is Spirit better?

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