Tyson Kingsbury

Tyson Kingsbury

Mississauga (near Toronto) Creative Director at Joined almost 6 years ago via an invitation from Hunter O.

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  • Posted to 3 reasons why as a digital agency we switched from Sketch to Figma, May 16, 2019

    excellent article, and you summed up quite nicely many of the same reasons why we switched to Figma as well.

    for me, it was the ability to work closer with developers that were off-site at a client. We had a team of developers working off-site at a client, and I was only going there once a week for a quick morning meeting. We needed a more efficient method of developer hand-off. Emailing jpgs and instructions, or hoping that one of the developers would have a copy of photoshop was just not cutting it.

    lol.. and then along came Figma.

    being able to create the UI elements, and have the developer team able to grab the code immediately was a revelation.

    I used to spend all day every day in I maybe turn it on once every two weeks or so....

    Figma is amazing :)

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  • Posted to Designer News Subreddit, May 03, 2019

    joined :)

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  • Posted to What browser do you use and why?, Apr 30, 2019


    been using it for a very long time now, and have all my extensions, bookmarks, blahblah blah... I've just never really had any reason to switch.

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  • Posted to Sketch vs Figma, Adobe XD and other UI Design applications, in reply to John Williams , Apr 22, 2019

    this times 1000.

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  • Posted to Document templates, in reply to Emil Edeholt , Apr 18, 2019

    lol, i suppose they do, but I have NO idea how they sort it out.

    I laughed when I saw your post, and you mentioned about using Indesign....oh my god i've been there :) the problem was always 'how come my docs look so awful, but yours look so professional?....

    um, because I'm the creative director, and I use professional software to design things... and you're using fucking Microsoft Word...

    at the begining, I was trying to get everyone to use Adobe Indesign, just so we could all be 'on the same page' so to speak...but that was a non starter,...the CFO just couldn't find it in the budget to have everyone using Adobe ...

    eventually, we all settled on using google slides etc... and that's helped somewhat...but it's still a pain to get great looking work... it's like ok...we sorted out the whole 'everyone has access' part of the problem...but now we have the 'still looks like garbage' problem...

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  • Posted to Document templates, Apr 18, 2019

    I'm in the same boat, frankly.

    At the end of the day, I think that Google Docs is probably the way to go, if only because the main requirement is multiple users and 'access for everyone' etc... often, we can have multiple people collaborating on the same doc, so it's important that everyone can access it...can't think of another platform that does this as well as Google Docs.

    But. i'm hearing you... there's NOT a whole lot of great looking templates, and I'm definitely in need of a resource or source of better ones than I'm seeing now... that goes for both 'slides' and Docs...

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  • Posted to Designers who are 40 plus, how are you..., Apr 10, 2019

    46, Creative Director at a Software Co. Still very much hands on, but work with a variety of teams here at the office. Most of the time I handle the creative work re. the marketing of our software, but we also have a thriving consulting wing at the company, and I work on consulting projects several times a year. Currently working on a big one, web-app...lots of UI/UX work etc..

    I think one of the big things that have helped me over the years is having a WIDE and varied background... print, web, UI, UX, branding, etc... I've been working since the 90's so I've had a lot of experience, which has been a big help over the years. Had the chance to try a lot of different things.

    As far as exit plans, I think the management track is probably the best bet, as well as keeping investments/savings in mind. My wife is a high school teacher, which in Ontario Canada means you have a unbelievable that's going to help us both in the future. Also, assets, like a house etc... we bought ours 17 years ago for about's now worth close to 900+k.... and we're not moving any time thats an investment that certainly paid off... we're also looking at getting an investment property in the next year or two as well... when we retire (which is a ways off yet, we can use the rental property for a nice small regular income, and both my wife and I also have 'side hustles' so to speak...I do a bit of freelance design work, and my wife is also a fitness instructor so we have that going as well...

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  • Posted to Online Quran Classes, Apr 09, 2019

    um. Not sure how this relates to design.

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  • Posted to Computer glasses – best for design?, Mar 28, 2019

    damn...good post idea... I've been thinking about getting something like that myself...glasses etc hope someone with some knowledge on the subject answers lol....

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