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Tyson Kingsbury

Mississauga (near Toronto) Creative Director at Joined over 6 years ago via an invitation from Hunter O.

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, in reply to Dan G , Jan 08, 2020

    lol, understandable! unfortunately that's one of the big troubles of communicating online... it's hard or difficult to express the proper tone or intent etc...

    totally wasn't trying to be condescening or snotty or whatever...

    my point mainly was I've seen plenty of negativity on other boards.... also seen aggressive behaviour and name-calling etc... along with the usual amounts of 'this sucks, or that sucks....

    one of the things i've generally liked about DesignerNews is that it's been more or less positive.... I can often find decent design links here...especially about figma, which I love...

    anyhow, hope that clears things up... :)

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  • Posted to New Logo and Identity for Fisher-Price by Pentagram, Jan 08, 2020

    gotta say...i'm a fan of this. I think they nailed the brief.

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, in reply to Dan G , Jan 08, 2020

    i suppose it might be. but it's all to easy to forget that you're talking to other actual people with feelings. some folks can be pretty awful online, simply because they know there's no repercussions. I wouldn't call it 'jumping through hoops'. just be decent :)

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  • Posted to Proposal: Easy ways to fix DN, in reply to Taylor Palmer , Jan 07, 2020

    ditto. Did the same thing :)

    I've seen more than a few disparraging threads, 'this place sucks' rants etc... I don't have a lot of time or patience for negativity and bashing culture, so posts like these that are proactive and positive definitely get my attention.

    I really like this community. Much in the same way I was (and still am) a long-time user/poster over on QBN/Newstoday... and while that place has definitely dropped off in design significance over the decades (been on there close to 20 years i's more about keeping in touch with a few old-timers like myself) DesignerNews actually gives me all the 'real' design info and updates and posts i'm looking for on a daily basis...

    while there are problems with this place, the upside definitely out-weighs any negatives i think... it's a decent design forum, and i've found PLENTY of useful links and ideas and that makes this place valuable to me.

    I'll take your points to heart, and try and upvote more often, and I'll try and post the odd thing too :)

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  • Posted to Why are dark themes such a trend nowadays?, Dec 06, 2019

    I'm assuming white screens etc are more taxing on battery life etc. I could be wrong, but that's what i figured anyhow...

    It's definitely something I've been wondering a bit as well... but i just assumed battery life etc...

    anyone else have any ideas?

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  • Posted to new landing page , Dec 05, 2019

    damn! there's a lot there that I really like :)

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  • Posted to How SENIIKU Market aims to change the stigma about art career for budding creators in South East Asia, Oct 28, 2019

    My wife is a teacher, and I've often been asked to take part in 'career night' events etc.

    The school she teaches at is predominately asian, south asian (which she herself is) and middle-eastern. As a result, it's a very 'high achievment' environment, and most kids have some sort of expectation of the big three careers...Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer. It's that or nothing....and a lot of those high expectations come from the parents...

    I've seen it myself on Career nights... if a teenager shows the slightest interest in my 'design' booth etc, or my presentation, you can see the horror or dismay on the parents face...'that's not a REAL career', come...let's chat with the doctor over there' etc... ....riiiiight up til the conversation gets to salaries, opportunities and clients etc...

    then it's all 'you can earn that much doing this?... you've worked with who?????

    If you can sway the parents, and show them it's a legitimate career choice, and that there's lots of opportunities etc... it can often be a successful conversation...but it's quite a big hurdle at the begining... they've already set their minds against it, and it can be hard to open the door....

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  • Posted to No Adobe, you will not record my screen!, in reply to Doug Orchard , Oct 23, 2019

    lol.... yeah.... 100% agreed with you....that's a big NOPE from me as well...

    there are so many ways a company can get good user data, testing and feedback etc... why on earth resort to this kind of thing? It's gonna bring nothing but bad press, freaked out people, more users fleeing to things like Figma and Sketch and other products etc...

    for whatever 'good' things they think they'll be getting, I can think of a LOT more 'bad'... It's a genuinely horrible idea. I'm tring to picture the meeting where that got 'green-lit' ... I'm not sure I'd fire them outright, but I think a loooooong chat on responsibility, and good governance and 'we don't need more bad press' would be happening for sure ;)

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  • Posted to No Adobe, you will not record my screen!, in reply to Doug Orchard , Oct 23, 2019

    nope...not seeing an image... might be something funky on my side though... I run firefox Nightly, and there are occasional oddities ;)


    Adobe is on to you ;)

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  • Posted to No Adobe, you will not record my screen!, Oct 23, 2019

    haven't updated yet... what message?

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