Tyson Kingsbury

Tyson Kingsbury

Mississauga (near Toronto) Creative Director at Joined over 5 years ago via an invitation from Hunter O.

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  • Posted to Tidal's design lead is sharing what design application they use to design Tidal apps. , in reply to Oykun Yilmaz , Nov 09, 2018

    i agree... that was the main thing I was looking for...glad he mentioned that....

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, in reply to Dino Paravandis , Oct 25, 2018

    (ahem) I'm 46.... I'm the one the introduced Figma to our office...It's been pretty popular here...even some of the younger ones are starting to use it ;)

    in all seriousness though, old as I am, you never stop learning...I felt totally stuck with Photoshop and Adobe.... saw Sketch come and take over the UI market, but didn't jump on the bandwagon...and then felt kinda useless when it started gaining market share and realized I'd missed the boat on that one... also...with all the plugins etc, it looked a bit daunting to crack....

    then came Figma, which was what I was really looking for in the first place...

    We needed something to bridge the problem of working with our Dev team... I needed to be able to produce something that was 'more' than just a jpeg and a list of instructions...

    being able to provide them with a link, where they can access all the materials they want, and all the code they need is right there and available to was a game changer for our whole office....

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  • Posted to What are the web-based tools to help create animations (pure HTML + CSS) you recommend?, Oct 24, 2018

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  • Posted to Interplay., Oct 16, 2018

    this seems to hit a lot of the things I'd be looking for. importing Figma? that's exactly what I'd be interested in...anything that extends figma is alright with me...

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  • Posted to What do you use to develop animated elements for your websites? (CSS-only, Adobe Animate, Bodymovin'?), Oct 15, 2018

    sounds like you're in the exact same use-case as I was... I whole-heartedly endorse using SVgator.

    I had only minimal experience doing time-line animations etc, but have used the one in photoshop to some extent, as well as Flash and other to a very limited degree...

    I'd wanted to add some little animations into our website, and had seen some other SaaS companies doing some really nice SVG animation etc..

    I found SVGator... and it was perfect for us. couldn't be easier to use, you can copy the code straight into Wordpress... works like a charm...

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  • Posted to Figma Announces Figma to Sketch Export Competition with $15K in Prizes, in reply to Kamushken Roman , Oct 02, 2018

    I think that's the general idea.... which makes sense I suppose..i know I've been using a lot of Sketch UI kits imported into Figma.... so i suppose the reverse would be valuable as well...

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  • Posted to What is the role of a designer?, Sep 17, 2018

    The simple/easy/quick answer would be 'to solve the problem'

    what problem?

    whichever one you happen to have.


    to visually communicate an idea.

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  • Posted to What is the role of a designer?, in reply to Nick Orland , Sep 17, 2018


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  • Posted to Please add a "Tools" badge option to DN, in reply to Oliver Swig , Sep 13, 2018

    It's only pointless if you're not interested, I suppose.... for instance, when I see anything to do with Adobe XD, i generally ignore it, since I don't use the tool at all....

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  • Posted to Please add a "Tools" badge option to DN, Sep 12, 2018

    I'd be interested in this.... one of the main reasons I come here is for news on latest tools, or info about new tools etc... or anything about Figma :)

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