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Tyson Kingsbury

Mississauga (near Toronto) Creative Director at Joined over 5 years ago via an invitation from Hunter O.

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  • Posted to Designmodo's plans for 2019 + a secret project for web designers , Jan 10, 2019

    a new app for designing websites by Designmodo? count me in :)

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  • Posted to Writing copy for landing pages , Dec 18, 2018

    excellent article :) thanks for posting that Dan :)

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  • Posted to How We Fixed the World's Worst Logo, Dec 12, 2018

    Nice effort, but ultimately a fail. While I admire the work that was put into this, I have to say, you all rather missed the point of Zumba. one of the commentors on the actual post 'Ginger' said it perfectly. Latin music is at the heart and soul of Zumba. If you don't address that, if you don't take into account the music and moves and choreography, you aren't going to get this one right. The icon and the text don't reflect the music and energy at all. Much too angular and jarring.

    much in the same way that music and movement is the heart and soul of Zumba, good research is the heart and soul of a new branding effort. You didn't do this one justice at all. Not recognizing the origins and vibe of the brand, not exploring latin music and design influences?...i dunno man... I think if I were you, I'd take this one down as an 'example' of 'Fixing' a logo... this isn't a fix at's a failure.

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  • Posted to Are my skills / experience marketable?, Nov 26, 2018

    couldn't agree more. Todd here has nailed it. What you've got, Amir, is a ton of real-world experience in a LOT of areas that you just can't get at larger firms, or huge Enterprise environments, where everyone is pigeon-holed and highly specialized.

    You've got the qualifications that most folks dream about...

    If your place has become tiresome and or toxic, and you're thinking about a move...look at other startups in your area, attend startup related 'meetups', dev-group 'meetups' etc... get out there and socialize, shake the hands etc... take a good look around at the startup culture in your area, and make some connections..see what works for you... what folks you meet that you'd like to work with..etc...

    also, if you 'co-founded' this place...then.... it's YOURS isn't it? or atleast partially yours? maybe don't be so quick to give-in without a fight. If you put your time and sweat and energy into making this place what it is, then maybe you can spend the time to make things right?... obviously, we can't know what goes on there in the day-to-day... none of us know....(anonymity is a wonderful thing sometimes :) but YOU know... make a mental picture of what your desired outcome is.... figure out how to get from A-Z...

    my point would be... if this is partially YOUR company, and it's gotten to this sorry state.... what did YOU do, or not do, that lead to that...and would you be making the same mistake again at a different place?

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  • Posted to Blocs 3 - New Visual Web Design Tool, Nov 22, 2018

    just upgraded from version2 today.... jesus christ it's fantastic! well done Norm! well done indeed :)

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  • Posted to Photoshop's new transform behavior needs to be reverted, Nov 19, 2018

    thanks for posting this... I generally use Figma now for just about everything, but still pop open photoshop a few times a week to do some work.... had just upgraded to 2019, and for the past few weeks have thought I was going insane... 'why is this working like THIS now?' type thing.... thought I was going nuts....

    I REALLY dislike this....

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  • Posted to Tidal's design lead is sharing what design application they use to design Tidal apps. , in reply to Oykun Yilmaz , Nov 09, 2018

    i agree... that was the main thing I was looking for...glad he mentioned that....

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  • Posted to Are Figma and XD finally getting Sketch out of the picture in UI design?, in reply to Dino Paravandis , Oct 25, 2018

    (ahem) I'm 46.... I'm the one the introduced Figma to our office...It's been pretty popular here...even some of the younger ones are starting to use it ;)

    in all seriousness though, old as I am, you never stop learning...I felt totally stuck with Photoshop and Adobe.... saw Sketch come and take over the UI market, but didn't jump on the bandwagon...and then felt kinda useless when it started gaining market share and realized I'd missed the boat on that one... also...with all the plugins etc, it looked a bit daunting to crack....

    then came Figma, which was what I was really looking for in the first place...

    We needed something to bridge the problem of working with our Dev team... I needed to be able to produce something that was 'more' than just a jpeg and a list of instructions...

    being able to provide them with a link, where they can access all the materials they want, and all the code they need is right there and available to was a game changer for our whole office....

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  • Posted to What are the web-based tools to help create animations (pure HTML + CSS) you recommend?, Oct 24, 2018

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  • Posted to Interplay., Oct 16, 2018

    this seems to hit a lot of the things I'd be looking for. importing Figma? that's exactly what I'd be interested in...anything that extends figma is alright with me...

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