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Tyson Kingsbury

Mississauga (near Toronto) Creative Director at Joined over 5 years ago via an invitation from Hunter O.

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  • Posted to What is the role of a designer?, Sep 17, 2018

    The simple/easy/quick answer would be 'to solve the problem'

    what problem?

    whichever one you happen to have.


    to visually communicate an idea.

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  • Posted to What is the role of a designer?, in reply to Nick Orland , Sep 17, 2018


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  • Posted to Please add a "Tools" badge option to DN, in reply to Oliver Swig , Sep 13, 2018

    It's only pointless if you're not interested, I suppose.... for instance, when I see anything to do with Adobe XD, i generally ignore it, since I don't use the tool at all....

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  • Posted to Please add a "Tools" badge option to DN, Sep 12, 2018

    I'd be interested in this.... one of the main reasons I come here is for news on latest tools, or info about new tools etc... or anything about Figma :)

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  • Posted to Advice: Anyone know how to merge two brands?, Sep 07, 2018

    Hey there. I've been down this road myself quite a bit in the past year or so. We have a financial marketing platform, as well as a large consulting business.

    the Consulting business came first, and was around for several years.

    the past 6 or so years, we've been building and marketing our own product: a marketing platform for financial advisors.

    We used to have 2 different sites, but it was a bit of a challenge at the time to admin both, market both, etc we decided to consolidate on one website.

    It's been a challenge, and one I'm still not 100% sure we did perfectly.

    One problem you'll discover, is that your two sets of customers etc, won't 'know' the other... ie, if i'm looking to get you guys to develop a ios app for scuba-diving, I'm relatively sure i WONT know the name of your audio division. and obviously same goes for audio customers...

    one way is to take the stronger of the two brands, and make that the 'landing page' and have a 2 door home takes you to all the info about audio, the other takes you to iOS dev stuff..

    another is to create a new 'holding company' or parent company.... and do essentially the same thing.. take into account how Adobe handles all it's divisions etc....

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  • Posted to "global village coffeehouse," the 90s aesthetic we all forgot about, Sep 07, 2018

    I was born in 72.... so i have a pretty clear memory of the late 70's...and the 80's was my 'growing up' years....high school etc.... so i have a VERY clear memory of the aesthetics of the 80s...

    the 90's for me was college and then starting work in ad agencies and design firms. I can definitely remember this style. It was all over the place. One of my first projects in my first ad-agency gig was working on an ad that totally used that style of design. ( I think it was for some carpeting company, now long out of business lol)

    Don't worry if you don't recognize it (it hardly matters now)... but some of us older folks definitely do though :)

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  • Posted to Sketch layout settings for lexicon for designing dashboard?, Sep 05, 2018

    can't thank you enough for posting this. we do a LOT of work with Liferay, but I rarely ever see any posts about Liferay design or dev here...

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  • Posted to All websites are going to look 73px height like Material Design in Chrome 69, in reply to Mattan Ingram , Sep 01, 2018

    couldn't agree more with you Mattan.

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  • Posted to Does anyone know a good SVG Animation Tool?, in reply to Cédric Moore , Aug 20, 2018

    the main one would be the simplicity. It just works. I didn't have a huge background in flash animation, or any kind of animation really. I'd done a bit of simple stuff in Photoshop 'timeline' editing and made a few thing... but I was looking for something similar with SVG. what I love mainly is how quick it works, how clean the code is, no issues using it in any of our projects here. The controls are about as simple as it gets... opacity, scale, rotate, position..... and you have easy access to things like 'ease in, ease out..etc... if you're in need of something quick, it's perfect. And if you have the patience, and understand animation, you can create some incredible stuff....

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