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Tyson Kingsbury

Mississauga (near Toronto) Creative Director at Joined about 6 years ago via an invitation from Hunter O.

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  • Posted to Any designers selling UI Kits? , Jul 18, 2019

    I'd be interested in this as well.

    I think a lot of folks here probably buy/sell from the usual sources such as graphicriver etc..but i'd be curious if there were other places...

    I mainly work in Figma now, and would love to put together some UI kits to sell, but not sure if there's much of a market, or if it would be worth the time and effort etc...

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  • Posted to How come everybody loves to hate self-checkouts?, in reply to Jared Krause , Jul 16, 2019

    good points all around. but from my perspective, the benefits of what you're saying rely on #2 being accurate or true. in my experience, it's not.

    Automation will happen. You're absolutely correct. But thus far, it hasn't kept costs down for consumers. It's been a huge benefit for the companies, as their employee costs have dropped, less salaries to pass out etc... but it's not being passed on to consumers. it's sitting in off-shore accounts. it's out of circulation.

    now, if those jobs hadn't been erased, those folks would have been paid, taxes would have been collected, people would have circulated the money in the community, spending it here and there, ... that's now being drained out of local communities all over. That machine doesn't pay taxes, doesn't contribute to the community in any way shape or form.

    I don't enjoy self checkout. In my experience, at our local grocery store, the line is just as long there, most people fuck it up which makes the line up last longer, and my groceries certainly aren't costing me less. I'm doing the work, but if the benefit is 'shorter lines' then I'm not experiencing it.

    I absolutely see your points, 100%, but from where I'm sitting, i don't see any benefit, i don't see any savings, and I don't see anything good coming out of it. companies will see some increase in cost reductions, but that will never be passed on to the consumer.

    --- and who says i have no compassion for gas station attendants? lol...quite a few of my friends did that when they were in highschool, and it was a great job to have back then (mid-to-late 80's). I get that those days are gone, and I'm by no means a luddite (I mean, we DO work in software/UI/UX etc here right lol). All I'm saying is that those reasons i stated are why 'everybody hates self-checkouts' which is what the question was.... that's all.

    maybe someday the infrastructure will be in place, so that money 'saved' by not paying workers for those jobs, will go towards education for the jobs of tomorrow. Maybe one day, for every automated system, there will be taxes levied to compensate and maybe put into some sort of universal income etc.

    I'd like to believe that, as i think that makes sense. but if it ever happens, it'll be a HUGE fight, because corporations aren't known for sharing. funny, eh?...robots don't form unions...

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  • Posted to How come everybody loves to hate self-checkouts?, Jul 16, 2019

    1) it's taking away jobs that used to be done by humans. Often they're low paying, but most of us as teens held jobs like that at one time or another. It paid for us to go to the movies with our friends, it paid for gas in our cars, it paid for lots of things. It circulated in the economy for the benefit of us all.

    2) If I'm now doing that work, where's my employee discount?

    3) If I'm now doing that work, where are the reduced prices based on the fact that you have a reduced workforce?

    4) it's quite literally a one-way street. The only folks benefiting from this are the companies. I'm now having to do the check-out work myself but I'm not benefiting from it at all. Someone it out of work, I'm doing their job, and not one red cent is 'trickling down' in my or your direction.

    I'm guessing that's why.

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  • Posted to Asked to make 70+ page wire prototype. Madness?, Jul 12, 2019

    yup. just finished 140 page prototype about a month ago. massive project. Doing that many pages was getting a bit ridiculous in my opinion, but when the client wants it, and is paying you to provide it, you usually just go ahead and say '...uh...ok'.... :)

    that said, I'm hoping to not have to do that again for a long while ;)

    I've got another project brewing that's going to require a lot of prototyping, but I'm fairly confident that a) there's way less screens, and b) I'm working with a terrific senior software architect that will put the kibosh on that kind of thing.

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  • Posted to Is Photography Dying?, Jul 09, 2019

    oh i dunno... my older brother does a fair bit of photography for events, weddings, concerts etc... He seems to be doing just fine. I think (at least for a long time to come) there will be a place for folks that are skilled at certain things, photography being a good example. I may have a decent camera on my phone, and occasionally get lucky with a decent shot, but my brother has the professional equipment and generally gets incredible shots WAY more frequently. At the end of the day, when it comes to shooting photos, i'm a hack, and he's a skilled professional with pro equipment. It makes a huge difference.

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  • Posted to Building & designing a web-based motion graphics editor, Jun 17, 2019

    Damn, you're good :) left a note for you on the article itself, but I'll just add here, you are truly an inspiration!...well done!

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  • Posted to Firefox: The Evolution Of A Brand, in reply to Greg D , Jun 12, 2019

    lol..I never left :) stilll rocking Firefox after all these years... moved to it when it first came on the market a LONG time ago, never saw much of a reason to leave....especially once you've got everything all set exactly how you like it :)

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  • Posted to Plugins are coming to Figma, Jun 11, 2019

    oooooh :) this is gonna be good :) been waiting for this for a while now....

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  • Posted to Show DN: Ghost Screen for Figma, Jun 11, 2019

    definitely interested :) I signed up :) super supportive of any and all things that will work with Figma :)

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  • Posted to Diez: cross-platform design system framework, in reply to Zack Brown , Jun 05, 2019

    Thanks Zack! much appreciated :)

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