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  • Posted to Ask DN — Your Android Setup?, in reply to Ratik Sharma , Jul 26, 2016

    Why this kind of apps like Flamingo doesn't show people who RT/Liked me? This is the only reason i still keep using the official app.

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  • Posted to UX and Ads. How can they live together?, in reply to Nicholas Hendrickx , Jun 23, 2016

    It's not like they asked us for 'annoying ads', but all the ads services that they already had, were annoying. Like the ones you open the site, and there's a big swf ad in the middle of the screen. Or the ones that when you hover them, the ad grows it's height like 5 times more (The pushdown ad i think it's called).

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  • Posted to Creo: a design tool for Mac which combines design and development, in reply to Pablo Stanley , Jan 19, 2016

    Wow, finally. The link says 'Download', and the action is 'sing up to this newsletter'.

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  • Posted to The Past, Present & Future of Sketch, in reply to Pedro Ivo Hudson , Jan 14, 2016

    Oh, i forgot about that. But bjango it has nothing to do with Sketch, right?

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  • Posted to UI Garage - Specific mobile and web design patterns for your inspiration., Jan 14, 2016

    I think the UI of the site looks pretty confusing to me. I can't tell where the screenshot ends since the background of some of them are white like your site. Beside, some imagen have text at the bottom of the imagen, and some of them don't, and i thought that text was part of the ui of the screenshot.

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  • Posted to The Past, Present & Future of Sketch, Jan 13, 2016

    I'm using the beta of Comet, and i think it's in it's very very early development.

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  • Posted to The Past, Present & Future of Sketch, in reply to Pedro Ivo Hudson , Jan 13, 2016

    What happened with Skala?

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  • Posted to The Ultimate Photoshop VS. Sketch Comparison FIGHT! , Nov 10, 2015

    I see this persons videos (I don't know if it's you OP (: ) and he clearly is a sketch fanboy (as i am, that's why i follow him), but this video is useless from his point of view. Photoshop still has some good features, but sketch is trying to take down every one of them. As we saw this weeks, sketch released a new version (3.4) that has some new features, but it also have some bugs. I got a little delayed with my deadlines because of this, but going to the point of all of this again, sketch is great, also photoshop, but this video doesn't seem to work.

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  • Posted to Why A Creative Day Is Awesome For Your Team, Jul 16, 2015

    I think the link is broken, or at least I can't see it :/

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Large studios are still using Illustrator to design websites?, Jul 14, 2015

    I think it doesn't matter what tool do you use, it does matter how do you use it and your skills. At least in the kinda-small-agency i work we illustrate in illustrator (of course), design interfaces (ux,ui for mobile and web) in sketch and edit photos or another small thing in Photoshop. We tried to migrate to sketch as soon as possible because all the features that it has, which would let us do the job quicker, easier and better. PS: In my case (I don't illustrate) i never used illustrator, and i think photoshop it's better to design websites. Just personal opinion because never used illustrator.

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