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  • Posted to Juicy Mail - a brand new type of email experience , Sep 29, 2019

    This looks very promising, any more info regarding the app? I did a quick research and couldn't find more information or social presence! I would love to be part of the early access.

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  • Posted to "Design is not art!" Podcast with Marc Hemeon, Mar 01, 2018

    I wrote a short read on the subject a while back.

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  • Posted to Monese — Fintech product UI & branding presentation: Digitized17, Athens, Feb 14, 2018

    I had the pleasure to be there for the Digitized 2017. Joe did one of the best presentations.

    I wish the upload more of the presentations!

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  • Posted to Alternatives to DN, in reply to Zach Reed , Nov 16, 2017

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  • Posted to Experiences designing with XCode Interface Builder?, Nov 15, 2017

    Hello there,

    For the past year or so, my workflow was around Xcode storyboard and Auto Layout. I was part of a 5 person team consisting of three developers and me as the designer of the team!

    So for iOS I was designing or better say prototyping in sketch and then I was moving on to implement my own designs in Xcode with the use of Auto Layout.

    This workflow has many upsides, first and for most you as the designer you can make sure that your designs are implemented the way you wanted them to be, second it takes away all the frustrating back and forth between designer and developer!Third, you can see from first hand what it takes to implement your designs and get to know the limitations because yes they are limitations! You can also control the assets which is very important as you may already know!

    Regarding the learning curve, I could say it's easy. And when I say easy, it took me about 2 weeks to be proficient with Auto Layout and be able to implement my designs from start to finish without extra help from the developers, I can also say that I personally believe that Auto LAyout and storyboards are built for designers and not for developers, I mean it even has designer like software shortcuts!

    The only down to this workflow I could say it is that you will have to learn a versioning system, most popular for the last years is Git. Which ok has a very steep learning curve and it's a bit hard concept to grasp, but after you learn it you will be a very helpful asset to any team that you join in the future!

    And after been through with this workflow for over a year, I could say to you that knowing Auto Layout and Git as a mobile designer, it's going to be a must-have on the years to come!

    I have also written an article about it. Should Mobile Designers Learn Xcode? And why?

    It's a short read, but it could help you get started. I also have some great resources at the end of the article!


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  • Posted to How do you organize your folders and files for design projects?, Oct 18, 2017

    I also would like to know how other designers approach this problem! But from a folder structure point of view!

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  • Posted to Riangle - Portfolio, in reply to Luan Gjokaj , Jul 31, 2017

    Thanks a lot, mate, I am in the process of creating my website and I am using webflow , I have to say that it is really impressive!

    Very nice work on deep-impact btw!

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  • Posted to Riangle - Portfolio, Jul 31, 2017

    Very nice work, do you used webflow by any chance?

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