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  • Posted to I just love this player, in reply to Daniel Campagne , Jul 13, 2018

    I disagree. Without the dot it is just a static grid layout. The user needs a control to ‘grab’ on to and I believe the dot does this in an unobtrusive way.

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  • Posted to Affinity Designer for iPad is out now in the App Store, with an introductory 30% off, Jul 12, 2018

    The real news here is that Publisher is coming! Beta end of August! :D

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  • Posted to The Most Hated UI & UX Pattern of 2018, Jul 03, 2018

    Weird list here. Why are we still talking about Comic Sans? Who cares, it has been done to death already.

    My biggest gripe of 2018—and it has been a gripe for years preceding as well—is interrupting the expected use of scroll. So scroll-jacking, reversing scroll, horizontal scroll… whatever it is. If it messes with the expected action of scrolling then I already hate your website.

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  • Posted to Microsoft + Github = Github XP (chrome extension), Jun 05, 2018

    Haha I quite like that. Nice work.

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  • Posted to Adobe XD Free Starter Plan & May Update, in reply to Andrew Richardson , May 15, 2018

    It definitely appears that way. I stopped playing around with XD when it hit premium, while in the meantime I started using Figma. Now I can't picture using anything else in production.

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  • Posted to Figma Styles are here, in reply to Chris Valleskey , May 11, 2018

    Not really related, but the times I've needed to subit an issue or question to the Figma team has been excellent beyond my expecations. The function works as a chat with the support team right in the App (or website, if you're logged in on either it doesn't matter).

    You can start a support chat right in whatever doc you're working on, and dropping in screenshots or whatever works perfectly. There's lots of little things like this that the Figma team have nailed and continue to delight.

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  • Posted to What do you guys think about the New Gmail.?, in reply to Adam Fisher-Cox , Apr 27, 2018

    This should explain things more for you:

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  • Posted to What do you guys think about the New Gmail.?, Apr 27, 2018

    As someone who always has Gmail open in a tab, I don't mind it.

    They've rolled a few features from Inbox over without going full on Inbox. It brings some Inbox functionality over without becoming Inbox (I gave Inbox a try but missed the familiar GMail too much.)

    What I really like is how the left column can collapse, and the new calendar / keep / tasks in sidebar is fantastic for me. But the real game changer is being able to integrate other apps there, I've added Trello in and it's already made the experience far more enjoyable.

    I do love being able to snooze emails as well. Those ones that you want to deal with but not just yet. Fantastic feature.

    I've had to create a few custom styles to fix a few things I didn't like, but this is still a beta and Google did say they'll be adding more stuff and tweaking things in the coming weeks.

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  • Posted to Designmodo Redesign , Apr 19, 2018

    Looks nice. To be honest I couldn't actually recall what the old logo looked like (which is saying a lot). But this article displays the old version along with how they got to the new design.

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  • Posted to Someone succeed to leave adobe for web design and other little things ?, in reply to Tyson Kingsbury , Apr 10, 2018

    Same here. Our team pretty much uses Figma exclusively now.

    Being able to collaborate, present, mark up/comment & hand-off all from the one program is absolutely critical for a remote team like ours now. It has completely changed our workflow in ways we didn't expect.

    I'll fire up Affinity Designer or Photo if we ever need more complicated asset management, and on the very odd occasion I'll fire up Ai / Ps—but I believe that's more out of habit rather than necessity.

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