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  • Posted to Muzli 2, in reply to Kyle Arbuckle , Feb 08, 2016

    I think Panda does it better. Muzli looks cool, but could be better. first, the cards are huge and I have to keep scrolling. I can see just find with smaller photos, and I would get so see more on a page instead of having to scroll. Second, 25% of a card is info I don't need. third, it shows you there are new things with the red dot, but doesn't keep track exactly what. lastly, card style is the latest trend, but doesn't work for non photographic sites. I prefer sites like hacker news & medium as list format. again, I get see more on a limited about of space.

    You only have so much time in the day--I like my "inspiration" page to be compact. Small images + list style with titles = panda winner...for now.

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  • Posted to Muzli 2, in reply to Lucas Espin , Feb 08, 2016

    same, card style doesn't work for non gallery sites. I prefer hacker news and medium as list format. It looks cool, but cool isn't useful when the content focus isn't images.

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  • Posted to Open Source Designer News?, Jul 04, 2015

    Didn't they just buy it a couple months ago? Also spent money/hours to redesign it.

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  • Posted to Photoshop Lady Market, Apr 06, 2015

    looks like creativemarket or just the same products

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  • Posted to Is Svbtle Dead?, in reply to Philip Crown , Feb 16, 2015

    People these days put their best posts on their own blog. Then they put their mediocre to a few good ones to sites like medium and svbtle to get some traction to their personal site

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