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  • Posted to Code Guide by @mdo, Apr 24, 2015

    this is quite informative. i have a hard time organizing my css, so that was quite helpful.

    i am curious why a two-space, soft tab is preferred. i always use a 4-space \t - is there a specific reason for two spaces or soft tabs, or just preference?

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  • Posted to Pantone announces 'Minion Yellow', in reply to Sean Lester , Apr 21, 2015

    i wonder this myself. im surprised they took off considering its a pretty thoughtless design.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Create a No-Nonsense Resume, Apr 10, 2015

    just a simple call that would return the major information. perhaps some meta-data as well, such as last-updated-on.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Create a No-Nonsense Resume, Apr 10, 2015

    darn, i was going to create something like this. nice to see that the idea was actually followed-through with, though. i probably wouldn't have.

    one thing i'd like to see is a simple json api so that designers/developers can pull their (or perhaps any) resume data and style it how they like (or whatever they want to do with it)

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  • Posted to Interactive WebGL resume, Mar 11, 2015

    these are the kinds of websites i'd like to make, and i'd really like to see more of.

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  • Posted to Windows 10 Build 9926 Icons Look like a Bad Joke, in reply to Jim Silverman , Feb 26, 2015

    iOS7 may not be your thing, but come on, this looks like KidPix

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