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  • Posted to Please critique my landing (it's a design tool to give feedback to developers), Jan 18, 2019
    • The animations/copy pairings under "How does it work?" feel super constrained - like Jan said, up the vertical padding there and let them breathe.
    • (Personal opinion) I think everything looks better with a system-font stack.
    • I think the font weight you're using for the headers could be reduced by 100 or 200. Instead of relying on the weight to differentiate the title from the rest of the copy, try playing with opacity or color. To me, this looks better than the heavy bold you're using.
    • The footer feels a little out of place. Like it was just thrown in there from a previous design. Maybe the call to action directly above the footer could incorporate the footer content to the left of the resting dog - you'd obviously need to adjust the vertical padding on that as well to accommodate.
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  • Posted to What are your favorite fonts right now?, in reply to Kemie Guaida , Dec 21, 2018

    The Proxima Nova of 2017/2018

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  • Posted to What are your favorite fonts right now?, in reply to Isaiah Nathanael , Dec 21, 2018

    This is my go-to replacement for a default system stack.

    Their dynamic metrics formulas have made life a lot easier after building a few Sass mixins.

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  • Posted to A new logo for Unsplash, Dec 14, 2018

    Eli Schiff is out there typing up a storm as we speak

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  • Posted to Ruff: A better dog walk., Nov 24, 2018

    So the very obvious question here is how are you planning on overcoming the "chicken and egg" problem?

    I can definitely see the usefulness of this app - but without launching in a very small market I don't know how you'll have a large enough user base quickly enough to make the product worth anything to your users.

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  • Posted to Button Effect Experiment, in reply to Sasha Turischev , Nov 22, 2018

    Tbh there are tons of benefits to the Javascript solution even without expanding it further.

    • You don't have to have a more complicated DOM with additional data properties to reference in the pseudo elements.
    • You're not bounded by the number of elements available to attach pseudo elements to. In my examples I wouldn't be able to go past 5 layers without adding additional div wrappers to the span, making it much harder to build a reusable component.
    • You're not relying on a pseudo class to display the text in a non-activated state which causes significant accessibility issues, specifically for screen readers.

    So it sounds like your dev had his head in the right place for any number of reasons. Also, personally, I find Javascript a lot easier to manage as it becomes more complicated than CSS.

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  • Posted to RightFont 5.0 released with a totally redesigned interface and font management strategy., Nov 22, 2018

    In terms of site design - does anyone else feel like their use of upward animations on scroll is a little overplayed or at least overemphasized?

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  • Posted to Button Effect Experiment, Nov 21, 2018

    I tried to duplicate this without as much of an intensive Javascript overhead just using CSS animations:

    You can also break away from the monochromatic style with CSS and animate the color on the mouse down event:

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  • Posted to - allowing people to come together and say f*ck you to brands that use palm oil! ❤, Nov 18, 2018


    • I think you would do well to include to include some callout text to explain why we should be effectively boycotting brands using palm oil.

    • While I can understand the use of all CAPS in locations where text formatting is limited, I feel like using it on your website makes it look like an angry Facebook post rather than a professional display. Just look at the following and tell me which appears more professional:

      • Select the Palm-Oil-using brands below and tweet that they have lost YOU as a customer!
      • Select the Palm-Oil-using brands below and tweet that they have lost you as a customer!
    • Maybe I'm just starting to get old, but I 100% assume any string preceded by # should be interactable - #earthyou. Maybe this was planned for later after traction picked up.

    All-in-all I think the awareness you're bringing here is a good thing. I've been fairly "heads down" for the last few months and this is honestly the first time I've heard anything about palm oil.

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