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  • Posted to Tracy: From Paper to Vector, Dec 10, 2017

    Love the concept and the simplicity of getting a paper drawing scanned vs having to scan it with the scanner. Definitely going to be giving this a shot!

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  • Posted to Are there any kind of Dating platform for devs and designers out there?, in reply to Jan Semler , Dec 03, 2017

    Haha we might! What can you offer? :P

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  • Posted to Are there any kind of Dating platform for devs and designers out there?, Nov 30, 2017

    This is a project my partner and I spoke about and have in our pipeline after launching our utility tool for designers!

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  • Posted to Designers & age, Nov 27, 2017

    Great question to consider,I'm not as old (lol don't know how to phrase this without sounding rude) and don't have as many years as you guys seem to have but it's something I've considered myself.

    I got into the industry really early at 18 with no formal education and just pretty threw myself into taking on side projects and things to learn. Having done this for 8 years, I do see younger and "hungrier" designers who are getting into the field through bootcamp experience and such.

    My end goal as a designer has always been to open my own agency, working with client projects to fund my own side projects. I haven't stopped freelancing and doing short-term contracts every now and then to gain the experience and network, and work on my side projects in the evenings and weekends so hopefully that allows me to get to where I want to be about 10 years or so from now.

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  • Posted to Diya - Timeline animation directly in Sketch, in reply to Suresh Selvaraj , Nov 23, 2017

    Definitely to showcase things I've done on sites like Dribbble/Behance/instagram! I don't know too much about HTML export, but does it support being hosted on personal websites based on Wordpress?

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  • Posted to Diya - Timeline animation directly in Sketch, Nov 23, 2017

    Love what I'm seeing, signed up for the waitlist too.

    Definitely would be cool if you could support exporting as .MOV or .GIF

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  • Posted to Advice on working abroad?, in reply to Renee P , Nov 08, 2017

    To be honest, most of my freelance clients are from outside of Canada. I've been able to get some amount of work through my brother who's also a designer and word of mouth but I'd highly recommend working with a company first, and networking from there for freelance work.

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  • Posted to Shortcuts.design - Any shortcut a designer ever wants to know, all in one place, Nov 06, 2017

    Actually had an idea similar to this a while back but never worked on it hahaha. Congrats on launching it, upvoted on PH!

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  • Posted to Advice on working abroad?, Nov 05, 2017

    I'm a freelance designer based in Toronto, about to start a year long contract at a company. I know a friend who I worked with that got sponsored by the startup we were at, and after, another company.

    Work-wise, it wouldn't be hard for you to find opportunities. There's lots of recruiters that will be able to find you work as long as you're good and your portfolio shows what you can do.

    You could probably try to reach out to some recruiters through LinkedIn at reputable recruiting firms at companies and talk about yourself and see if they'd be open to sponsoring you a work visa.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: What side project are you working on this weekend?, Oct 08, 2017

    Working on a mobile app game. Doing everything from the UX/UI and asset creation side while my S/O is working on the development on Unity.

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