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Emmet Connolly

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Who's Hiring? (February 2015), Feb 03, 2015

    Intercom. We're hiring a Senior Visual Designer in Dublin, San Francisco, or remote.

    More info here, or email me directly: emmet@intercom.io

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  • Posted to Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?, in reply to Bevan Stephens , Jan 20, 2015

    Fair points. What I was actually aiming for with the article was to think about what the opportunity cost of sticking with an established, safe style of design might be.

    You're absolutely right that we should not reinvent the wheel for no good reason, and that the basic user experience should be top priority (at least IMO). But it's a mistake to be blinded by the best things that the present have to offer and think that things can't be improved.

    If product design does indeed settle down into a comfortable uniformity that just stays the same forever, it will be the first time in the history of design that it's ever happened. :)

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  • Posted to Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?, in reply to Jon Myers , Jan 20, 2015

    Excellent comment, thanks for taking the time. You're absolutely right about the link between interaction and aesthetics. None of the aesthetic cleanliness of today's UIs would be possible without gestural touch: not needing to include scrollbars, zoom buttons, pagination arrows, etc. has indeed been a huge enabler of this new, more minimal style.

    I share your optimism about the possibilities of the future too. I was actually trying to suggest in the article that we do have a wide-open set of possibilities, and that restricting ourselves to one narrow style is restrictive. I can't want to see what we've got today flourish and develop into a multitude of styles.

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  • Posted to Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?, in reply to Cenk Özbakır , Jan 20, 2015

    Is Betteridge's Law of Headlines Obsolete? ;)

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  • Posted to Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?, in reply to Evan Dinsmore , Jan 20, 2015

    I'm a huge fan of Material Design. I worked on the Android Design Team throughout the entire period it was being created, and witnessing it come together was a wonderful experience. It's incredibly well thought out. In some sense, I consider it a near-perfect conclusion to where software design has been going for the past few years.

    But a logical conclusion always makes the more impatient designers out there wonder what might come next. Designers all over the world would do well to internalise and adopt the principles of Material Design, but a tiny slice of the very best designers in the world are already thinking about how to make it obsolete.

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  • Posted to Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?, in reply to Yannik Schweinzer , Jan 20, 2015

    Totally. This is going to be really interesting. When I think of VR today my head is still stuck at the point of a glitchy, polygonal, Lawnmower Man, Shitpic aesthetic – not so easy to get excited about! But as one of the few genuinely new mediums that's developing quickly, it's likely to have a big influence.

    And that influence will be felt beyond VR itself. As I mentioned in the article, so much of the design of desktop software today has been influenced by touchscreen UIs. What might a VR-influenced website look like?

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  • Posted to Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?, in reply to Greg Bowen , Jan 20, 2015

    Thanks for the comment. Taking more cues from print is definitely likely, if only because there's such a rich history there to draw on.

    Flipboard's work on automated layouts and the The Grid look potentially interesting, but there's the obvious possibility that automated tools make everything even more homogenous.

    Also, software has temporal and interactive possibilities that print will never have, so there should also be much more possible.

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