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  • Posted to How do you annotate design changes to your dev team?, in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , May 19, 2018

    Developer here. Thank you so much for your comment. I've pretty much encountered well the problems you listed at some point in my career. We usually have to interface with adding legacy systems which have weird constraints like that. It's often out of budget to fix those.

    Communication is indeed key for a smooth collaboration between design and development. Nobody likes being treated as a monkey. Mutual respect goes a long way.

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  • Posted to Should designers just put something out and expect the engineers to make it work?, in reply to Aubrey Johnson , Jun 25, 2017

    To amend to your excellent list:

    • Management is shit: Forces developers into never-ending death marches and way to short deadlines. Design usually takes a backseat in this scenario (experienced that at multiple companies. Stay away from those!)
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  • Posted to Easter egg on DesignerNews, Jun 15, 2017

    omg, this is the best easter egg ever!

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  • Posted to Framer - A design revolution is coming (May 31st), in reply to Jorn van Dijk , May 24, 2017

    Nice, that's actually my birthday! I'm excited about what you all have been working on :)

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  • Posted to May 1 Reboot Gallery, in reply to Lee Campbell , May 01, 2017

    That link is broken. Entering the domain directly works though. Love the subtle circle reveal on the thumbnails. Also first design in a long time which really manages to pull of a dark design +1

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  • Posted to What have been your frustrations with working on your team?, in reply to Katelyn Caillouet , Apr 17, 2017
    • No concrete deadlines, or if there are deadlines, they are extremely rushed
    • Lack of strategy behind the overall product which makes designing for it feel like sword fighting in the dark

    Oh my god! Just this! So many projects could've gone a lot smoother if it weren't these 2.

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  • Posted to Gravit Designer released today, in reply to Daniel Fosco , Apr 07, 2017

    It's surprising that we still have to deal with that in 2017 :( The landing page itself is amazing, the scroll-jacking only distracts from an otherwise excellent experience.

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  • Posted to How do you run a good stand up?, in reply to Matt Walker , Mar 01, 2017

    This! On the current project I'm working on the project manager does stand ups where alle participants (about 12) have to give a quick run down of everything they have done the day before, what they plan to do today and announce possible road blocks. After 3 people nobody listens anymore. Not everybody needs to know everything about each other.

    Like Matt already said: keep it short!

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  • Posted to Site Design: MyClean , in reply to Diederik Eenschooten , Mar 01, 2017

    In case anyones wondering: This is caused by two images on the page. The hero image is a png instead of a jpeg. PNG is awesome for diagrams and geometric shapes, but really really bad for photos on the web. And the image with the table alone accounts for 2.7MB of page weight. That can be easily reduced to a <100kb (doesn't span the full screen width).

    Properly optimizing these two images will likely reduce the load time from 8-15s down to 2-3s.

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  • Posted to StackOverflow Navigation Redesign, Feb 15, 2017

    As much as I like redesigns, I'm somewhat torn with this one. The darker header lead to a clear hierarchical structure of content. Now the header seems to bleed to much into the content area visually for my taste. Nonetheless kudos for always trying new things!

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