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  • Posted to Runner Pro (sketchrunner 1.0.0), in reply to Ken Em , Apr 24, 2019

    Lol. Oops. DN search foiled me agin. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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  • Posted to Runner Pro (sketchrunner 1.0.0), Apr 24, 2019

    Up late enough to catch a deploy in the wild. Really great changes here! Congrats to the sketchrunner team!

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  • Posted to How do you document the design environment?, Mar 15, 2019

    I had a similar post a few months back.

    Definitely some helpful suggestions there. I did a lot of research and analysis of options for us.

    Ultimately I decided to create a repo in our company Gitlab instance and maintain a wiki there. Easy to manage, developers are comfortable with it already, didn't require another tool or account, free, and while not the sexiest new thing, it works for our crew. Here, I have things like recommended plugins, artboard layout and structure (with examples), naming conventions for layers, export and slicing best practices, and so on.

    As for versioning, we use Sketch and Abstract. Abstract has been truly wonderful to use, even with only one designer. I am still working out the details of applying semantic versioning to design files. I found Nathan Curtis' Medium post on the topic to be particularly useful. He dives into a few things you are mentioning regarding versioning.

    Edit: Doh. You literally suggested some of the products in the thread I posted earlier. I'm blaming this on Friday brain.

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  • Posted to Captain Marvel's website is a technological wonder, in reply to Ken Em , Feb 10, 2019

    Off to the MU wiki I go...

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  • Posted to Captain Marvel's website is a technological wonder, Feb 09, 2019

    I punched an old woman in the face?

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  • Posted to Which monitor do you have?, in reply to Mitch Warren , Jan 09, 2019

    I currently use ShareMouse and it works well enough for casual work/browsing. Not doing much gaming these days and a wired connection cuts any noticeable latency issues. The docked Mac is the host.

    Also tried Synergy but I've been able to get by on the free version of ShareMouse.

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  • Posted to Which monitor do you have?, in reply to Cory Williams , Jan 09, 2019

    Ha. I actually have my PC hooked up to it and I use a software KVM to swap between the two for casual work.

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  • Posted to Which monitor do you have?, Jan 08, 2019

    Work: LG UIltrawide 34" 34UM95C-P LG UIltrawide 34" 34UM95C-P

    Home: Dual 30" ACD (old but still going strong) Dual ACD 30"

    While I like the dual displays, I'll probably just replace them with an updated single ultrawide.

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  • Posted to How do designers collaborate with copywriters?, Oct 05, 2018

    We're in the process of evaluating GatherContent:

    Our biggest trip up is handling changes and edits that are made in the middle of any given process (design or development). 10+ page google docs (in some cases) quickly become aggravating for everyone who needs to work on them.

    We're most intrigued by their API. Fingers crossed.

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  • Posted to How do you manage your "internal team wiki" or company guidelines?, in reply to Jason Spidle , Aug 23, 2018

    DN conveniently cut out the rest of my comment. Delightful.

    Was going to add that I just found a neat little thing called Outline:

    Looks interesting. Especially since they have SSO via Google or Slack and you can serve it up yourself. Time to bother my devs, hah.

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