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  • Posted to How much difference is enough, Dec 12, 2019

    As Aiste mentions, coincidence is not absolving in logo design. Due diligence to determine that a logo concept is unoccupied is a necessary part of the process. Lawsuits come up all the time when it is neglected (like F1 and Futuro).

    That's why perceived difference is key.

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  • Posted to Sleep & relaxation app icon, Sep 30, 2019

    The icon doesn't suck but it doesn't seem appropriate to be posting here.

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  • Posted to Please critique: Framer UI Motion - Toggle, Apr 13, 2019

    Wow! Really like Beebee's bio

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  • Posted to A new logo for Unsplash, in reply to Jamie Diamond , Dec 14, 2018

    I prefer when that is the central job of an app icon, and sometimes logos do this too but the central job of a logo is probably more to be a distinctive symbolic 'sponge' to invest value into over time.

    I'd bet that most logos do not convey any significant amount of function/purpose.

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  • Posted to How do you manage copy text in a huge application?, Nov 14, 2018

    Haven't tried this but it was posted here awhile back https://www.canvasflip.com/visual-inspector/scribble/

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  • Posted to A design tool that is also a developer tool. Introducing profiles in Hadron., Oct 30, 2018

    I got access to the preview and have been using it to create a mockup of a new version of my agency's site. I've wanted to get into front end web for a long time but it's felt too intimidating to tackle. Hadron's approach has helped me break through the barriers. Looking forward to playing with this new stuff.

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  • Posted to Wireframe kits for figma?, Oct 07, 2018

    You can buy a Sketch kit and just drop it into Figma. There's a built in Sketch file importer.

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  • Posted to Shopify Polaris, in reply to Kyle Peatt , Apr 23, 2017

    I'm seeing indigo text links used in a handful of other sections and I think your guidelines have appropriately shunned it because they are indeed uncomfortable to detect.

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, in reply to Dylan Field , Apr 06, 2017

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification

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  • Posted to AMA: Figma's New Pricing Model, in reply to alfa treze , Apr 06, 2017

    Not a 'team', just two people with edit access. There is no shared file space, no team components, no benefits connected to what they define as a 'team'

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