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  • Posted to ASK DN: Which macbook should I buy? , Mar 24, 2015

    I had a late 2011 Macbook Pro 15 (sata drive) and loved it - in December, I had a problem with the video card, which Apple recently covered under the recent video card recall. At the time, I panic'd, so I ran out and got a base Macbook Pro 13 SSD.

    I love the 13 - it's small enough and light enough that I feel comfortable taking it to a coffee shop without my bag. The 15 seems so heavy and slow compared to it (and it's processor is faster).

    Speed wise, I don't think you'll have a problem with either the 13 or 15. I run 2 additional displays with my 13 - 1 over the built in HDMI and 1 with the thunderbolt adaptor - mostly web development, some Photoshop / Illustrator / Xcode - have yet to run into something where I felt it was moving to slow or couldn't handle it.

    I'd say the 15 is better suited for a laptop that acts as a desktop, where the 13 has no problems being disconnected quickly and taken to a meeting.

    The only part of my purchase I slightly regret is just not realizing the hard drive isn't user changeable, nor is the ram. 8gb ram / 128gb storage has been fine so far, but it's just one of those things I might have gotten bigger if I wasn't in a rush.

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  • Posted to Accused of being 'just a freelancer' on Twitter!, Feb 12, 2015

    Things I've learned in the past:

    Don't get into arguments on social media Don't feed people more ammunition And if someone doesn't see the value in your work, don't work with them. I set the price for my work, not the client. If they don't want to pay the rate, don't work with them.

    The more work people produce cheaply, the more it dilutes our industry. It sets a bad example and people come to expect it eventually.

    Conversely, I also won't ask work friends to do work on the cheap either. Even though we're "friends", I still want the work to reflect the rate, and I don't want garbage. I really need a logo for a project right now (coincidentally) but I just can't afford more then say $100 right now; so I'm gonna wait until I can pay him properly and work on other parts of the product until I can afford to give him what he deserves.

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  • Posted to JavaScript tricks!, Feb 05, 2015

    function log(mess) { if(window.console) { console.log(mess); } }

    Outputting to the console without it being open / visible will crash the execution of Javascript on older versions of IE. This prevents that.

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  • Posted to Why content should come before design, Jan 14, 2015

    Completely agree with this.

    I have website I've been running with a friend for 3 years now. The first year / version of development was completely based on ideas. What should go here? What should go there? This was the design before content phase.

    As time has progressed, we've gathered more content and each version has been easier to design / program. Now in it's third version, I have hundreds of pages of content and thousands of users. Now I can design and program something for the content to fit in it. I know what my customers are looking for and I know how to organize the content to make it easy for them.

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  • Posted to Firefox vs Chrome, Jan 12, 2015

    For development, I use Chrome to build the entire page / system. Once I get about half way through, start testing in Safari and Firefox. Only at the end do I fix bugs in IE.

    Chrome and Safari generally look pretty good across the 2. Firefox only ever has minor width / height issues and IE10+ looks "ok" usually.

    The client / market depends on how far back I support IE. Day job targeting teachers in K-8 schools - as low as I can go (usually IE7 / 8). A recent side project redesign targeting college students, mobile is my primary concern with "if it works in IE - great! otherwise, I've had enough of this crap..."

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  • Posted to Apple has lost the functional high ground, Jan 05, 2015

    Over the holiday; a friend bought his wife a new Macbook Pro 13 inch. Needing to use this laptop for work as well and working for a local insurance agency, she needed to install Windows as well for specific insurance based programs. So my friend asked for my help to install Windows 8 via Bootcamp.

    We quite literally wasted an entire day. He had a perfectly valid Windows 8 license, but Microsoft does not and would not provide an ISO to download (new Macbook Pro's not having a disc drive after all). So we wasted the entire day trying to download Windows 8 with the install program found on on a test PC i had - which failed the transfer. Then we found a iso download program from Microsoft, which failed the first time, worked the 2nd time only to find out the version of Windows 8 we downloaded did not match his license (neither were clear on which to download), then to transfer it to the Mac over dropbox (because by that time, he went home) and then for him to install it.

    The "bugs" in OS X 10.10 are nothing compared to the potential headache that is Windows. I agree it's more buggy now adays then I remember even just a few versions back, but the latest features IMO out weight leaving.

    Airplay works fine for me; both to Apple TV for video and music as well as to an Airport Express for whole house audio.

    Hand Off now that I also have a new Macbook Pro is awesome; sending sms messages from my laptop, answering phone calls from my laptop. Even Airdrop to send then random photo to my laptop. Really cool stuff lately.

    And the hardware is amazing. As I said, I also just purchased a new Macbook Pro 13 and it's driving 2 additional monitors - 1 over the built in hdmi out and 1 over thunderbolt - with no problems at all and the fans not pegged; something my 13 inch Alienware would struggle with driving just 1 external.

    We'll see how long these people that wrote these articles last on their new systems.

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