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  • Posted to Fear of Apple, Mar 30, 2015

    I agree that there’s a fear of the repercussions for publishing Apple critiques, but I thought the article had a very resentful and spiteful tone that went well beyond the scope of the issue, so I decided to check out the rest of the blog. Sure enough, this guy is seriously pissed about iOS 7+ and the death of what he calls "the dimensional aesthetic” and "expressive interface art”.

    Eli, I admire your persistence, you must really be convinced in order to stick so vehemently to your guns, but come on, dude. Humanity is just figuring out this whole UI design thing, and we’re learning as we explore. Please don’t get so stressed over visual trends. Or do, if you really think it matters.

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  • Posted to They're not fonts! (2002), in reply to Kyle Case , Jan 10, 2015

    Get over your carelessness? Okay. I wouldn't ever hire you, though. Not that you'd care about that, you don't even care about communicating correctly.

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  • Posted to The Chrome CSS Bug That Crashed Our Site, Jan 10, 2015

    I was working on a webapp a while ago and we'd find dumb Chrome CSS regressions every month. We filed bugs, they're probably still hanging around. Chrome's quality has really gone down (and it still looks terrible on the Mac).

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  • Posted to Using Golden Ratio In Web Design Is Not Ludicrous, It’s Actually Ideal, Jan 05, 2015

    I'd say it's a little pretentious.

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  • Posted to Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News., Jan 03, 2015

    It would be so useful if I could see my list of Upvoted posts.

    Searching this thread I found that people have been requesting this for two years now, so I'm not very hopeful it will happen, but having joined DN very recently, I thought I'd share the only thing I'm missing from it.

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  • Posted to iPod Cover for iPhone ~ Concept, Jan 03, 2015

    Why care so much about the why? This is clearly not going to happen, but it's still the coolest thing I've seen this year so far. It made me happy. Have some fun, people.

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  • Posted to Pull Menu: Menu interaction concept, in reply to Vlad Gerasimov , Dec 29, 2014

    Yeah, a vertical menu is the layout that makes sense for this interaction. I remembered Jolla right away.

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