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  • Posted to Stripe: Environment, in reply to Benjamin De Cock , Feb 15, 2018

    Ah, so this one then?

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  • Posted to Stripe: Environment, in reply to Benjamin De Cock , Feb 15, 2018

    Screenshot for those curious

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  • Posted to Figma introduces Pages -- an extra layer of organizational control, in reply to Andrew Washuta , Nov 02, 2017

    I feel the same about needing those plugins, our design team moved to Figma three months ago and haven't found too many issues without plugins.

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  • Posted to Sketch2AE: Bringing Sketch and After Effects Closer Together , in reply to Nicolas Prieto , Aug 25, 2017

    100% agree on your thoughts. I personally prefer doing animations in code because it's linked to user interactions and the animations are native. But I totally get that some designers work faster in AE than code. I still think the disconnection from animations + interactions is a big gap. Hopefully tools will continue to evolve and reduce that gap.

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  • Posted to Sketch 45, in reply to Drasius m , Jun 28, 2017

    Sketch Runner released an update earlier today:

    Update v0.9.2! Works with Sketch 45. Also: for future Runner updates, Sketch plugin panel handles the process..

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  • Posted to [FIXED] DesignerNews.co font change - anyone else seeing this? (caused by missing font resource from typography.com), May 30, 2017

    Wondering if this an indication of how often the DN team checks the site out...still the same 10hrs later.

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  • Posted to Craft Library Updates, May 30, 2017

    Has there been any performance improvements for large libraries? Today I'm testing out the new release and the moment I get to +20 symbols in my library it starts to slow down and lock up Sketch whenever I add new symbols. Makes it very unsuable.

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  • Posted to Craft Library Updates, in reply to Tim Dose , May 26, 2017

    Thanks but I'm looking for automatic sorting (specifically, sort in ascending order) not manual sorting

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  • Posted to Craft Library Updates, May 26, 2017

    Great update! Is there still no way to automatically sort items in a group? Typically what happens in our workflow is we have a list of icons we added, we have new ones that get created and we add them to the Library but Craft sorts it by last added. It would be great to have a "Sort in ascending order" option. It becomes a pain when there are a lot of new items and we have to manually sort the list.

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  • Posted to Craft Library Updates, in reply to Chris Keith , May 26, 2017

    +1, the lack of support for nested symbols affects the rest of the features of Craft (Inspect, Library, etc.)

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