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  • Posted to Ouch! Free illustrations for UX, Dec 20, 2018

    This is how trends die

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  • Posted to I re-designed my site based on DN feedback and launched Failory 2.0, Dec 10, 2018

    Love your product, but I feel like the name is pretty negative. I wouldn't want to join a community that is associated to 'fail factory' (I assume you meant 'Fail Story'). I would suggest to rethink that name thing.

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  • Posted to Brand Identity Guidelines StoryChief, Dec 10, 2018

    StoryChief logo has two animated versions. Use whenever you need to get that little more attention to the logo

    Trying to read and go through your brand identity guidelines which is a long document with long text and images.

    Fixed animated Logo on the top left of the screen: "WELL HELLO SIR!"

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  • Posted to Christmas Experiments, Dec 06, 2018

    That Flume game is crazy.

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  • Posted to Humaaans. A library to mix-and-match illustrations of people, Dec 03, 2018

    Pablo is da man :) 'Avataaars' helped me nail a client presentation once.

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  • Posted to Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?, in reply to Antonio Carusone , Nov 29, 2018

    Changes can also be deleting a layer, or adding a layer. Adding two layers into a group. Etc... All of these are trivial changes that are usually chaotic in prototyping tools.

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  • Posted to Flinto vs. Principle in late 2018?, Nov 28, 2018

    They're both pretty equal, and both not perfect. I stopped using them because I rarely need interactions so they were quite expensive for me, but here's what I think:

    First of all, they both suffer the same main problems (Correct me if anything has been fixed in the past year, I would love to know): lots of bugs, changes in design break everything, no support for all types of layers in sketch

    Other than that, these are the main differences between them:

    Principle -

    Pros: Easy to learn, has a timline, fastest way to create a prototype

    Cons: gets messy in larger projects

    Flinto -

    Pros: More organized, Better focus on specific animations

    Cons: no timeline

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  • Posted to Felipe for Sketch - Magically turn Wireframes into UI, in reply to chris casey , Nov 27, 2018

    Thanks Chris.

    Tl;dr: The current naive approach is by reading the rectangle size and position.

    If you want to understand better:

    • A footer is defined as a full-width rectangle at the bottom of the screen.
    • A button is a rectangle within a specific range of width & height.
    • A photo is a rectangle that's not anything else.
    • A header is the same as a footer, but at the top of the screen.
    • A card is the same as photo, but has no fill but has a simple border.
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  • Posted to Felipe for Sketch - Magically turn Wireframes into UI, in reply to Corin Edwards , Nov 27, 2018

    Thanks! And yup, Emmet was definitely an inspiration. And if you really want to try it send me an email.

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