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  • Posted to What to do if Intercom's UI goes over my app's UI (worse, C2As)?, Jan 18, 2017

    Hey there Patryk!

    Glad to say we're actively working on this, stay tuned ;)

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  • Posted to 2017 Portfolio, in reply to Oleg Serediuc , Jan 16, 2017

    I'd argue to keep them. To me they add to the overall personality you have going there and they don't impact focus or readability.

    Nice work!

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  • Posted to A new year, a new portfolio, Jan 09, 2017

    Looks great Jonny :)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Kickass Torrents Seized Domain Page, in reply to Wes Oudshoorn , Aug 05, 2016

    Not enough eagle

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  • Posted to Pocket Casts 6 for iOS, Jul 28, 2016

    I love this app. Here's hoping Spotify's entry into podcast realm only spurs on more great updates like this one.

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  • Posted to My girlfriend wants to work at Slack. Here's her application., in reply to Chris Coleman , May 06, 2015

    Agree. Nothing wrong with putting in this much effort but at the same time, have some respect for yourself.

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  • Posted to MIT Tech Review: A Feminist Critique of Silicon Valley, Dec 09, 2014

    How can you take her opinion seriously when she resorts to blatant generalisations and petty name calling. This is clickbait, and does nothing to address a complicated issue besides "taking power away from Marc Andreessen" and calling TechCrunch shit.

    I mean, look at this:

    "The problem is that this is the exact opposite of what Silicon Valley actually is: a sexist and racist wealth distribution mechanism that relies on cronyism, corruption, and exclusion to function."

    "...a tech company can be as corrupt, soulless, and empty as any corporation, but being unprofessional helps us maintain the belief that we are somehow different from Wall Street."

    "It’s so typical of Silicon Valley’s arrogance that these rich, white male venture capitalists—who have no conception of learning or how to educate young kids—make these grand declarations about the pipeline. It’s gross."

    "In the upper levels of tech, you are generally dealing with white men who have been coddled their entire lives, and they have rarely encountered even mild criticism. They take it as a really crushing, violent blow to their egos."

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  • Posted to How quitting my corporate job for my startup dream f*cked my life up, in reply to Ran Segall , Sep 12, 2014

    Did you finish the article? It sounds like he is too and his life was 'fucked' for the better.

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  • Posted to Anybody want Mailbox desktop betacoins?, in reply to Daniel Golden , Aug 20, 2014

    Thanks a million Daniel :)

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