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  • Posted to Everybody Scrolls, Dec 09, 2014

    Great questions! Users were given general prompts such as "What are your initial impressions of this page" or "What areas of the page entice you, if any?" or "Imagine a friend or colleague has asked you to describe this page and what it offers. What would you tell him/her?".

    Our population was consumers 18+ who shop online regularly.

    Our goal with this study was to not to come away with definitive answers, or to probe on a specific population. Population, content, context, tasks, technology, and other variables will all influence behaviors and study results, but it is interesting to look at design elements that are widely implemented to see how a swath of general online shoppers react. The study results certainly generate more questions than answers and it is clear that more inquiry is necessary to understand how people scroll and what the biggest variables are.

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