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  • Posted to UXPin Design Systems Platform - Early Access, May 23, 2017

    Hey everyone,

    Scaling design is probably the hardest problem in product development. It doesn't really work like engineering. So after 40+ interviews with design leaders and months of hard work, we're really excited to announce our early launch program for Design Systems by UXPin.

    Here's a quick video:

    Right now, companies are building their design systems from scratch as an entity external to their tools. UXPin Design Systems is the first design systems solution that's ready right out of the box in the same environment as your design, collaboration, and dev handoff. Not just a style guide or pattern library, but a complete system of implementation guidelines, assets, interactive patterns, and synced documentation.

    You can import your existing Sketch libraries to get started.

    Design Systems will help product teams: Automate design consistency Automatically update documentation Standardize best practices for design and code When you join the early launch program, you'll get first dibs to try it out. Your feedback will also go directly to our product team to influence the roadmap.

    If you're interested, check it out! You can sign-up here:

    Our goal is to finally make design easily scalable.

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  • Posted to Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017 (free online conference), in reply to Christian Behrens , May 16, 2017

    Yes! All the talks are going to be recorded and send to registered participants :)

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  • Posted to Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017 (free online conference), in reply to Edison Chee , May 16, 2017

    Thanks Edison! We'll take care of the typo! :)

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  • Posted to Agile UX Virtual Summit 2017 (free online conference), May 16, 2017

    Hey everyone,

    Since our first online event (Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017) set a record with 32K registrants and 11K attendees, we're running a second virtual event. This time, we're tackling Agile UX, which remains a challenge in a lot of organizations.

    All 16 webinars are free to join. Speakers come from Google Ventures, Fjord, Bloomberg, IBM, and others. Featured speakers include:

    • John Zeratsky - Design Partner at Google Ventures

    • Indi Young - Cofounder of Adaptive Path

    • Peter Merholz - VP Design at Snagajob and author of “Org Design for Modern Orgs”

    • Josh Seiden - co-author of "Lean UX"

    • Vera Rhoads - Senior UX Manager at IBM

    • Carol Smith - Senior UX Manager at IBM

    We're expecting at least 40K registrants, so hope to see you there!

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  • Posted to Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017: 15 free live webinars, Jan 11, 2017

    Hey everybody,

    We're very excited to announce that Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017 is now open to registration. Instead of charging $800 a ticket, we're covering all costs so that it's free for everyone.

    Our goal is to gather top practitioners and leaders to share their best practices for enterprise design. We're helping them craft each webinar for practicality by dissecting case studies.

    The 20 speakers from places like IBM, Google, SAP, Asana, Intuit, Core Logic, include: Irene Au - Design Partner at Khosla Ventures

    Jeff Veen - Design Partner at True Ventures

    Leslie Witt - Head of UX for Small Business Products at Intuit

    Lou Rosenfeld - Founder of Rosenfeld Media

    Amanda Linden - Head of Design at Asana Hope this is a viable option for folks who can't always attend UX conferences due to travel or budget issues. Based on our attendance rates for webinars, we're expecting up to 10,000+ registrants.

    Would be great to see some people from DN there!

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  • Posted to Should designers code? Interactive CSS exercises., Jan 10, 2017

    Last month, our team at UXPin created "Custom CSS" feature on one of our internal hackathons. The feature allows users to customize any design element in UXPin with CSS.

    I felt super inspired and decided to build a little landing-page as a tribute to the team and a useful (hopefully) set of CSS exercises for designers.

    Hope you're going to enjoy it at least as much as I enjoyed building it! :)

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  • Posted to Free Enterprise UX Online Masterclass, Nov 10, 2016

    Hey everyone,

    Excited to release our new EUX masterclass today. Our Agile UX masterclass saw almost 6000 registrants, so we should see a good turnout.

    This time, we've invited speakers like Lou Rosenfeld, Uday Gajendar, and Dave Malouf to share their knowledge. The masterclass features 4 webinars - all free to attend.

    Hope to see some DN folks there!

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  • Posted to Should your team be using Figma?, in reply to Jean P , Oct 21, 2016

    Sharing links is to design projects is for sure very useful. It seems that Sketch is planning the same thing with Sketch Cloud. Would that make you switch back (?) to Sketch, or are you committed to Figma for some other reasons?

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  • Posted to Spec Mode - Automating Sketch Prototype Handoffs + Documentation, in reply to Jon Myers , Oct 21, 2016

    Jon, we'll be happy to extend your trial! No tricks and games required :). Drop a note to and I'll let our customer care know that you should get an extra trial :).

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  • Posted to Spec Mode - Automating Sketch Prototype Handoffs + Documentation, in reply to Mitchell Knight , Oct 20, 2016

    Hey Mitchell! I hear you. We've updated our sketch plugin last week. The quality is really sharp right now! Another update with a file sync is coming in early November.

    Regarding the bug - not sure what happened there, but I am sure our CS team can help you. We have a dedicated team working on the quality of the app.

    We've recently gave our users full control over the libraries. You can switch on/off resources that you don't need. If there's a library that you need and is not up to date - let us know (, we'll work on it!

    Desktop app - we're researching this use case with our customers. I'm very curious to know how this could improve your workflow. Let us know :)

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