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Daniel De Laney

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  • Posted to I'm Spenser, your new community manager!, Jul 07, 2018

    In your view, what kind of content should we be seeing on DN?

    Which stories exemplify the content you want to encourage and grow?

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  • Posted to What is Your Process for Learning New Things?, in reply to Rami James , Jul 02, 2018

    This is great. There's a third component in my system, equally as important as the first two: pressure testing. Across any discipline from paintball to design to JavaScript, it's easy to talk yourself into believing you're good at something. Put your skills up against a master and find out.

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  • Posted to What was your first design tool? This one was mine., Jun 10, 2018


    ZZT, the 1991 adventure game for MS-DOS. I used it to make my first interactive virtual world when I was 5 or 6 years old. The graphics were entirely ASCII art, and ZZT-OOP was an ingeniously simple scripting language for basic video game mechanics that helped unlock a ton of creativity. Thanks, Tim Sweeney.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: If you don't like or don't want to code can you help me understand why?, Jun 07, 2018

    It’s rarely the best way to accomplish what I want to do.

    Recently I was trying to describe some fairly sophisticated rules for dynamic sizing of an element depending on screen size, and I realized it would be quicker and clearer to provide a CodePen with the CSS already written than to try to describe the behavior in English. This almost never happens and I don’t know when I last wrote code at work before that. I’m not opposed to writing code. It’s just that a sketch or a mock-up or an animation or a clickable prototype in Marvel is almost always more efficient.

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  • Posted to Sketch 49.1 is out (stable?), in reply to Jan Semler , Mar 14, 2018

    I think you're asking because you know it's a bad idea to bet on luck over experience but you find the appeal of something new irresistible.

    I wish you poor fortune in this adventure and the sobriety to profit from it.

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  • Posted to Sketch 49.1 is out (stable?), Mar 14, 2018

    Don't update critical software in the middle of a project.

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  • Posted to Atomic Design in 1998, in reply to Andrew C , Feb 09, 2018

    It's not so outlandish a method or metaphor that it couldn't have arisen in two places independently.

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