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Designer at Chandelier Creative Joined over 4 years ago via an invitation from Daniel B. David has invited Dan Pulito, nick c, Gen Uine

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  • Posted to How and why do you use Dribbble?, Sep 06, 2017

    i just post trash on it now and stuff i don't even design cause I hate it so much.

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  • Posted to Semplice 4, in reply to Andrea Grasso , Aug 25, 2017

    I use LayTheme and love it. I have used both and I felt like its a less branded version of Semplice. The yellow interface in Semplice made it somewhat when previewing what I was designing. Also, I feel like with LayTheme they solved an extra step when it comes to saving out edits.Something that was annoying me with Semplice.

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  • Posted to New personal site ⚡️ — Bobby Giangeruso, Freelance Designer, in reply to Eli Schiff , Aug 17, 2017

    My comment was a more general statement regarding knee jerk reactions to designs that are different than whats normaly posted here.

    Says 'Hire Me' very big at the bottom and I don't use twitter but, ok cool.

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  • Posted to New personal site ⚡️ — Bobby Giangeruso, Freelance Designer, in reply to Joe Baker , Aug 17, 2017

    when brutalist techniques are applied...

    But if Bobby doesn't land any clients is it really an effective portfolio?

    Cringe. Maybe Bobby isn't looking for clients. Maybe he is seeking the attention of recruiters at cool agencies that will in return pass it over to a creative director looking for a new designer on their team who "gets it".

    For me, I want to work on lifestyle and fashion brands like Adidas, Nike etc. I wont get the job if my work looks like a bootstrap e-commerce website.

    I dunno. I guess i'm just trying to say, it's just not black and white in terms of what design route to take and I think people on this site need to open up more.

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  • Posted to New personal site ⚡️ — Bobby Giangeruso, Freelance Designer, in reply to Interested Curious , Aug 17, 2017

    As a traditional graphic designer, this is is the main reason why I cant really mess with DN anymore. I have noticed theres a trend with the "SV/product design" scene and the general consensus of what is deemed "good" and it is so narrow. Everyone hails websites like Stripe etc but god forbid, if a portfolio doesn't look like a product designer landing we have seen 10000 times before, it's "bad" or "brutalist"

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  • Posted to Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff, Jul 25, 2017

    Geez. How can I buy stock in Figma?

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  • Posted to Tips for young designers?, Jul 21, 2017

    I come from the graphic design / branding side of design and notice young designers seem to be concerned with finding that cool style (I know I did). BUT as designers we must be able to take inspiration from everywhere. Never limit yourself to a particular look or trend of the moment. You can run the risk of pigeon holing yourself into work that doesn't have a long lifespan. So don't worry about it because you will eventually find your style.

    Instead, look at art, architecture, nature, music covers, magazines, photography, bad design, good design, furniture, toys, websites, apps, wayfnding systems, books...whatever! Everything applies. In general just learn to appreciate all forms of design and try everything. Become a cultural sponge that can tap many influences on command. You never know when a particular client or project calls for a certain vibe. With that, inject your own twist to make it fresh. It will ultimately make you stronger.

    Lastly, it's about who you know. I don't like networking but, just be kind and never stop meeting people!

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  • Posted to School of Visual Arts Design and Advertising 2017 App, in reply to Adam Hayman , Jun 23, 2017

    I think the app is in its 3rd year. But with that, the work and UI design refreshes.

    Also, they release a book every year designed by one of the faculty. It's a big thing to get your work published in it.

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  • Posted to School of Visual Arts Design and Advertising 2017 App, Jun 23, 2017

    The design and advertising department portfolio app.

    • 3D Design
    • Advertising
    • Branding
    • Data Vis
    • Editorial Design
    • Film
    • Illustration
    • Installation
    • Interaction Design
    • Motion Design
    • Package Design
    • Print Design
    • Photography
    • Typography
    • Web Design
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  • Posted to ASK DN: What is your all time favorite logo design?, Jun 22, 2017


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