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  • Posted to Buckets – Curate and collect your favourite websites, in reply to Joel Rosen , Mar 14, 2017

    Looks nice - but I haven't played with it yet.

    Do you have an export feature? To JSON or just a basic txt or html file

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  • Posted to What is design?, in reply to Bruno Abatti , Nov 16, 2016

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  • Posted to Baron Fig, mission-driven notebooks for designers , Jul 28, 2016

    Squire pen looks great, but I'd be worried about it rolling off my desk all the time.

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  • Posted to UEFA 2016, Jun 15, 2016

    Liked it until I saw what's behind that hamburger... completely over-engineered, vanity UX. Don't see why it can't just be a 'Select Team' link in the nav bar.

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  • Posted to Show DN: Pearson Re-brand, in reply to Nick Zakhar , Jan 06, 2016

    The mark was designed by a studio in London called Freemavens (full disclosure, my previous employer), and it's bizarre because another agency called Together seem to have changed the typeface to a serif Google font and claimed it as their own work.

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  • Posted to RIP, Mailbox. Hello, N1, Dec 08, 2015

    N1 is nice, but as others have said it's not on the same level as Mailbox yet in terms of snoozing. I say yet because snoozing and swipe gestures are on their roadmap. I've been beta testing for a few weeks and it's feeling a lot more like a genuine alternative now that they've included things like signature support.

    Spark by Readdle is shaping up nicely on the iPhone. I'm looking forward to beta testing their iPad app this week, and they're apparently planning an OS X app for early next year. If they translate the experience across platforms well it should (in my opinion) overtake Airmail as the best app.

    Airmail on the other hand seem to be going the other way and are working on an iOS app that's in beta. I would love for them to have a Snooze feature built in, but I don't think it's planned for the time being.

    I'm currently also testing Polymail. First impressions after a couple of days are positive. It's unfinished (as you'd expect for a pre-launch app), but what I've seen so far is great. Needs IMAP +/- Exchange support to be taken seriously IMO.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Good over-ear headphone recommendations, Nov 12, 2015

    I've been using my Audio Technica ATH-M50 for 4-5 years almost every day and they've never let me down. Very good quality sound (although you'll want to make sure your audio files are good too because they'll reveal compression artefacts). You can get the newer model ATH-M50x (with detachable cable) for about £90.

    I wouldn't say they're bass monsters. They're quite neutral, but respond very well to EQ adjustments so they definitely fit the bill in terms of wide range of music. I'll run anything from dubstep and dnb through jazz and grunge, to acoustic and classical through them and they're on point every time.

    They're closed back so don't leak much sound unless you turn it up really high, but still have a pretty open soundstage. I've used them for gaming too in the past.

    Check them out, I've never seen a negative review for them.

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  • Posted to R.I.P. Sunrise, in reply to Matt Dean , Oct 28, 2015

    Combines calendars from multiple services, Exchange, 365, Google, even Facebook. Was also very clean and intuitive.

    It's all very well them coming out and saying that Outlook for mobile will absorb all of Sunrise's best functionality, but what about desktop users? Microsoft's desktop and web offerings for email and calendars are horrific.

    Looks like Fantastical is the best, but imperfect alternative for now. I personally have high hopes for Spark from Readdle on iPhone (have been using it for a while and am a beta tester) - and they're working on Mac and iPad apps too.

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  • Posted to Waze 4.0 For iOS, Oct 23, 2015

    It's nice, but we need CarPlay support plzkthxbye

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