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  • Posted to Lingo Sketch plugin - a design system manager for Sketch, Aug 01, 2017

    Really curious to figure out if Lingo and Abstract can play nice together, or if they're mutually exclusive.

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  • Posted to Plagiarism or Inspiration?, Jul 07, 2016

    A trademark of plagiarism is an exact copy. Is the report an exact copy? No, but it's incredibly close. And this new product is for a different service "Eventbrite" vs. "Stripe", but it's an analytics platform. That's a huge similarity.

    Also, they duplicated exact copy that Josh or I wrote for the Baremetrics site. That's literally plagiarism.

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  • Posted to Plagiarism or Inspiration?, Jul 07, 2016

    For what it's worth, I designed the majority of the new Baremetrics website and I confirm that I didn't plagiarize a darn thing. Even that striped email header is an element I created from scratch (didn't see anything else that made me think of it). I created a bunch of versions of it and just liked this the best.

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  • Posted to AMA: Brian Hoff, Sep 29, 2015

    How has your blogging over the years helped with the growth of your design business? Do you have a sense for how many of your clients come through that channel or trust you because of it? It's a balance I'm trying to figure out for myself. I wonder if the days of a blog driving traffic and creating customer relationships are behind us.

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  • Posted to ASK DN - ABOVE THE FOLD -- Is it B.S.?, Apr 04, 2014

    I tell them users don't scroll only if the layout looks like everything is above the fold. Users have no issue scrolling if their content is cut off. I place the main CTA above "the fold" and intentionally cut-off secondary content to encourage scrolling.

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  • Posted to Trent Walton speaks at Artifact video, Mar 21, 2014

    That's one smart web design shop. So refreshing to see them accomplish at such a high level, and do so by believing in themselves, their work environment, and their community.

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  • Posted to Your Startup is Overthinking Design, Feb 19, 2014

    If you think of a designer as someone that comes in after you've defined the product and the UX, then of course you're right. But that's a really bad misrepresentation of what designers are supposed to do for products.

    The fact that you can boil down a designer's contribution to a tiny style guide is revealing. If you'd ever allowed a good designer to help you rethink product assumptions, you never would have written this.

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  • Posted to Design is like magic, stop giving it away for pennies, Jan 16, 2014

    I think the sentiment here is one worth talking about. Having a collective set of standards as an industry is good for everbody.

    But some of the examples aren't great ones. A plumber can't sell his services for 1$ because his services don't scale infinitely with no additional cost. He is selling his TIME and expertise. If you sell a set of icons, that extra sale doesn't cost you any time above your initial investment.

    A better comparison is to ask if the plumber would sell an e-book of best practices for a couple of bucks. My guess is that he would if it gave him exposure and some passive income.

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  • Posted to Site Design: Langly, Nov 24, 2013

    A site with very nice visual design, no question. But this is one of those moments when we've tipped too far in the direction of aesthetics at the expense of best practices, usability, and considering low-bandwidth connection speeds.

    On my home DSL connection, each page takes about 4-5 seconds to load. It's annoying enough that I'd never actually use the site.

    This is a big challenge we're facing. We can make beautiful sites with amazing photography, but it comes at an extreme cost.

    I'm a little concerned that we're going back to Flash websites. People need to remember that we didn't just abandon Flash because iOS didn't support it, we also abandoned it because the sites were heavy, cumbersome, and over-reliant on special effects.

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  • Posted to Supportive Feedback in an Interface, in reply to Ben Henschel , Nov 07, 2013

    Thanks Ben. That's a great suggestion. I'll try to cook something up.

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