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  • Posted to Midnight — Dark Theme Sketch Plugin, in reply to Danny Lai , Apr 13, 2018

    I just logged back in to DN and saw this reply. Re-downloaded the plugin and, likely due to the Sketch 49 updates, no flash! So smoooooooth. Craft menus are still light, but the pane that floats next to the inspector is colored correctly. Invision is busy with a Sketch competitor anyhow so I don't hold out hope for Craft looking perfect. Glad y'all have stuck with this, thanks!

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  • Posted to Midnight — Dark Theme Sketch Plugin, Jan 04, 2018

    I really want to like this, I use dark modes on all of my apps that support it.

    That being said, parts of the craft plugin are still white and it doesnt look as smooth as say illustrator’s or atom’s dark interfaces. I could look past that, but everytime I switch pages the entire canvas area flashes white. I don't think I could work like that and not go crazy. Does this happen for other people?

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  • Posted to Re-designing Sketch, Feb 26, 2017

    I enjoyed reading this article for how much it made me think. I hadn't considered till now how most of the "quality of life" improvements Bohemian could make, for me, are functional or under-the-hood changes. Not being able to swap out a nested symbol if it's a different size, performance problems with too many nested symbols, symbols being duplicated when copying from a different file, renaming a layer name to "Mask" when you use it as a mask, just to name a few.

    This article largely talked about visual updates, which, while nice, I couldn't see improving my day-to-day that much. Moreover, I believe it is possible to do some user research even with small side projects such as these. Talk to some power users, talk to some first time users. Discover the real customer problems and solve those, otherwise its just an article about self-design.

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  • Posted to InVision now with overlays (even on desktop!), Jul 16, 2015

    I was bemoaning the lack of this type of functionality just last week. My most recent prototypes have so many screens, it's such a time suck to update a little thing. Had to rebuild one today for a design review and the overlays are so much more efficient. My projects are going to be way cleaner/easier to update/awesome sauce!

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  • Posted to Who said women can't design UX/UI?, Jan 29, 2015

    No one. These ladies are great artists and designers, but I'd have stuck with the title from the article.

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